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4 Signs that it is still too Early to Live Together

There are several reasons why a couple decides to move to live in the same house. It may be to save money, since paying half the rent and expenses is very convenient; because of the distance between their house, or because they spend a lot of time together.

However, sometimes it is necessary to think things through before taking such an important step. In this installment, we will tell you what are the signs that you must take into account to know if it is too early for them to go live together or not.

1. The Very Recent Relationship

Very Recent Relationship

Many couples who know each other recently have already fantasized about going to live together. However, according to the sexologist of couples Isiah McKimmie, this is not convenient because they have not yet had serious discussions that put the relationship to the test: “Seeing how our partner reacts when an argument or a difficult conversation arises is an important factor in deciding whether it is possible to move together or not.

2. You just want to measure the Strength of the RelationshipRelationship

The fact that they are going to live together should not be taken as the best way to determine if the relationship has a future or not. Kurt Smith, a therapist specializing in men’s counseling, says that “living together should be a step forward only when it is evident that the relationship and both are ready for change.”

3. There is another Person in the House and they have not talked about it.

another person in the house

Sometimes, it is possible that someone else is involved in the move. It may be the son of one of the two or a roommate. It is imperative, in that case, that before deciding to move you include the talk about who lives with you, because not always the other person is willing to live with someone else.

In this regard, Ryan Howes, a psychologist from Pasadena, California, warns that “you can love the idea of cohabitation and feel that your relationship is ready for it, but if others in the same place do not agree, it is not something recommendable”.

4. They have not talked about Money yet

They have not talked about money yet

Having a conversation about expenses is necessary. If both of them move together and do not know how much money each one has, there is a greater risk of separation than if they know what cash they have. According to an old adage, clear accounts retain friendship, right? Well, this saying also applies to couples and the coexistence , that ‘s for sure!

These four tips are what you should keep in mind when you are planning to live with your partner . Pay close attention to check whether or not you are ready to start a new stage.

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