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Effects of Masturbation for Women

Bich Ngoc (24), a banker in Hanoi, always feel guilty and sorry for the people who love themselves many times when ‘it’ alone. Love each other for over 1 year, the lover Jade was sent to Japan to practice for 2 years now. During apart, Ngoc was masturbating to relieve physiological and do not want to betray her boyfriend. Every time ‘take a selfie’ finish, Jade felt embarrassed with too high physiological needs your but can not restrain. Each week, Ngoc usually do 2-3 times. She always worried about masturbation so many times affect health and fertility later on or not?

Sharing the same concern as Bich Ngoc Linh Lan (19 years old, a student at Hai Duong) was masturbating since the age of 14, once a day and can not stop this thing. She was very scared at the thought that the frequency of masturbation so health will be seriously affected. They often say that men masturbate much less mention of female masturbation, but in fact the “take a selfie” in women is quite common. Masturbation is the act of making yourself happy by stimulating the sensitive areas of the body to satisfy sexual needs.

Even, it may bring some effects such as stress, fatigue, body relaxed, sleep better, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, menstrual pain, migraines. Yet However, according to experts, if masturbation is done at the level of lack of control, they may leave the following adverse effects:

– Hurt ‘private parts’:  When you masturbate with intensity and frequency of heavy will make easy staging vaginal injury. Long nails, use sharp objects, or deep penetration can cause ‘she’ scratched, damaged and vulnerable to infection.

Hurt 'private parts
Hurt ‘private parts

– Easy to be apathetic: Masturbation too much will entice women with anorgasmia after getting married, do not attain a high degree of pleasure from his men as the likes masturbation or masturbation bring than to ‘love husband. This will make your marital status goes down and does not bring true happiness.

Easy to be apathetic
Easy to be apathetic

– Quality of health decline: Masturbation intensity and frequency of uncontrollable lead to make the body fatigue, depression, physical decline, prone to headaches, dizziness, and muscle discomfort.

Photo courtesy of saglikkosesi.net
Photo courtesy of saglikkosesi.net

– Affect psychology:  Many women are addicted to masturbation will fall into a self-contained living, crouched over, may be autistic, always liked his self-indulgence, maybe even sexual addiction led to very serious. It can be seen, masturbation is not bad but needs a moderate extent.

Affect psychology
Affect psychology

So, the girls should be equipped with adequate knowledge about masturbation to be able to ‘take a selfie’ safe and effective, useful for the body. Besides, we must always hygiene ‘private parts’ and carefully to avoid hurting ‘the girl’ while masturbating.

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