Enterprising Moms: 7 Ideas to Start your Own Business without Neglecting your Home

Being a single mother involves many hours of work at home. If you take over 100% of your expenses, you may need to do some extra work to “finish the month” without being so hanged. Some good ideas that could help you are:

Gift basket

A gift basket is the perfect gift for those special occasions, such as holidays, parties or corporate celebrations. It is very important that you get all your creativity to make them as colorful as you can.

You can create a Facebook page to get customers.

Take care of kids

This business can be very lucrative and your little ones could use extra company. Take care that you have nothing in your house that could be a potential danger, keep dangerous liquids somewhere unattainable and we recommend that you set certain rules of coexistence.

For your convenience, it is best to start taking care of the children of friends and acquaintances, so that they themselves recommend you with other people.

Accompaniment of older adults

There is a great demand for this service, it is to accompany an older adult to their appointments with the doctor, to buy groceries in the supermarket or to any place they need to go. Actually the work is not complicated, but also, like the previous one, the responsibility is very great.

Keep in mind that this person is entrusting you with your safety so that you can take him to his destination and return him home safely.

Sell ​​crafts

If you love crafts and are quick to do them, this job is for you. From items made with crochet, recycled materials or wood, these products are popular and can be sold on social networks. Do not expect immediate success, little by little you will gain customers satisfied with your work.

Artificial nails

False nails are back in fashion, you just have to invest in supplies and a lamp for nails and that’s it. You can experiment with the designs and offer a wide variety to your clients.

Party Planning

There are people who have an innate talent to plan the logistics of all kinds of parties and meetings, and if you are one of them, your ability is highly coveted.

It is relatively simple, you just have to give your client a complete plan in which details the steps they must follow to have their dream party. You can plan from baptisms, XV years parties or weddings.


We all have subjects in which we are better than others, if your thing was math, physics or chemistry you can help children with regularization classes, all for a small fee.

Children could go to your house and you don’t have to invest a lot, just guarantee them a space where they can study at ease.

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