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What do the Erotic Dreams Mean?

Erotic Dream with a Man you can not Stand

Suddenly you wake up and you’re horrified, because you dreamed that you had unbridled sex with that unbearable former college buddy, or with that co-worker you can not even see.

OMG !! Why did I have that dream if that man does not like me and I even dislike him? Do not freak out; this also happens often in women when we dream. Experts say that erotic dreams appear when we are experiencing many emotions, such as anger towards someone, which is a type of passion.

So it is common to have a passionate dream with a man who is not to our liking and who arouses anger, because that way the unconscious manifests when we have that kind of negative feelings in real life.

You are long time in couple and very happy with your boyfriend / husband. Even so, sharing the bed with your loved one, you can have sexual dreams with an ex ; sounds loud! But it happens and you should not feel guilty. This type of dreams with previous couples are normal and one of the many ways the brain processes memories, and of course does not necessarily mean that you are still in love or want to get back with it.

Anyway, it could also mean that your current experience reminds you of previous experiences or that you want to understand something of the past. And if you are meeting a new love, you may have some concern about repeating an old mistake in your relationship .

Erotic Dream with Someone of the same Sex

You’re sure that you like men. However, you’ve had a sexual dream with a woman . Did you wake up in shock and uncomfortable with that dream? Well, you should not: dreaming of someone of the same sex is very common.

According to Dr. Debby Herbenick, author of Why It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction , many women dream about women throughout their lives, even being heterosexual and never having any attraction to girls. And then why does it happen? It is probably the expression of the unconscious about the emotional closeness that you have with your best friends , although they do not necessarily have to be the women that appear in the dream but a woman in itself.

In conclusion, this type of erotic dreams does not mean anything about your sexual orientation, except that in the waking state you do have sexual and / or love interests in women.

Erotic Dream with your Boyfriend but Different

Having a passionate dream about our man would be the most expected. But what happens when you dream of another hair color, another body or even another voice? Herbenick says that this dream is a symptom that perhaps you feel the need for curiosity in your relationship.

This usually happens when we are in a couple years ago, and it seems to us that we already know everything about both and there is nothing new to learn or know about the other. The advice of the specialists is to open up, to try to rekindle the mystery, the curiosity and the fascination of the early times in the couple: enjoy time alone, go out, have romantic dinners, escapades or whatever you like to rekindle feelings and passion .

Erotic Dream with Prince Blue

The dream that no one wants to wake up: when it is with the perfect man . If you dream of a mysterious man, handsome, romantic, attentive, who protects you and gives you everything you ask, like the prince of stories, perhaps it is an expression of the unconscious that something you feel is lacking in your relationship or in your life. This dream is a way to escape that reality or live that romance that sometimes is lost with the years and the routine, and there is nothing wrong.

Herbenick recommends that we take those qualities that we liked in the dream and try to bring them to our life as a couple .

What do you think of these possible meanings of the most common erotic dreams ? Above all, equally, we must remember that dreams are that, dreams, and that the desires of dreams are not always the true desires we have consciously in real life.

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