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5 Erotic Gifts you can give to a Woman

Looking for a different gift ? Is it the birthday of the woman of your life? Or maybe it’s his birthday? No matter if it is a special date or any day, the important thing is to get out of the routine and not give away the typical things (clothes, shoes, bags, etc.), better be a little more daring and give him something erotic that will give pleasure and can also share with you . We give you some suggestions.

1. Lingerie

This never fails. Giving your partner sensual lingerie is a good gift, as both will enjoy. The best thing is to do a survey in your tastes, to know what colour, type of fabric and model you prefer.

However, there are some tips you can follow:

  • The colours black and red are considered the most sensual
  • The lace and the transparencies are very sexy
  • The clothes should be flirty and comfortable. As they are not of daily use, you can choose options like a corset and garters , and add other elements with a mask .

2. Costumes and Fantasies

From the lingerie we passed the sexy costumes . There are for all tastes, from classics like schoolgirl and teacher , to something more crazy like characters of movies and anime . Try to choose one that your partner feels comfortable using and inspire you to fulfill some fantasy.

You can add accessories like handcuffs, eyebrows, etc. If you want to surprise her even more, look for a costume for yourself as well and have fun with different role-plays.

3. Erotic Literature

Nothing better to arouse the imagination than a good erotic book. They can be small stories or a whole novel , you decide. It will be more fun if you read it together.

4. Board Games XXX

This option will also be very fun for both. There are many options, such as dice of sexual positions, poker of clothes, a kit of body paint , among others Everything depends on your imagination and your fantasies.

5. Candles and Massage Oils

A few aromatic candles have recently become fashionable, which with the heat become oil. The advantage is that they do not feel hot (there is no risk of burn) and they have delicious aromas. If you consider it a little risky for your partner, you can also give him relaxing oils.

You can also experiment with sweet edible decks, They are sold in the sex shop and there are various flavors like strawberry jam and chocolate. The important thing is that they are special to give massage, and much better if you apply it!

Bonus: Sex toys

Vibrator, Chinese balls, clitoris simulator there are many alternatives. In this case it is better to talk with your partner to know what she likes to use or, better yet, what she would like to know.

You may think this gift is just for her, but it is not. The masturbation allows women to better know your body , know what you like and do not like, which will allow you to have better meetings.

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