Explore Exotic Giant Rocks River in Russia

Guests are not surprised when you arrive full river giant rocks in southern Russia.

Big Stone River Stone including giant boulders located mess on average 200 m wide area along the 6km long ridge in the southern Ural Taganay territory of Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.

This rock formation river after a huge rock slide about 10,000 years ago. At that time, the ice covered the tops of high mountains Taganay 4.800m.

The weight of the massive ice blocks as top mountains crumble into millions of large boulders. When the ice melted, the rocks slide down, strip them down from the top of the mountain foot stone forming Big Stone River today.

Although called a river, but the rocks did not move throughout thousands of years.

The majority of the rocks in the river is Big Stone quartz rocks. Each island has a volume of 9-10 tons and rocks to 6 m thick here. Guests can hear the sound of running water from small streams under the rocks.

Big Stone is not the only river in the world stone. Similar stone rivers are also found in other regions of the Ural Mountains. Apart from Russia, some river rocks also appear on Vitosha mountain in Bulgaria (photo).

One of the longest rivers in the mountains Stone Vitosha located upstream of the river on the plateau Subalpine Vladayska. It has a length of over 2 km.

A river with a width of 300m of rock in the valley Vitoshka Bistritsa and some more stones at Mount Vitosha is formed on the slopes.

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