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Facebook will warn you whenever someone uploads a picture of you (even if they do not tag you)

Those days when you were afraid that a good friend or family member uploaded a picture of you unwanted on Facebook ended. The most popular social network on the planet announced what its new tools are and reported that the facial recognition system is about to be put into practice.

How will Facial Recognition of Facebook work?

According to the announcement signed by Joaquin Candela, director of Machine Learning of Facebook, the function uses the same technology that the social network applies to suggest friends that you might want to tag in your photos or videos.

In short, all profiles will have the possibility to choose this new function with a simple configuration of “activated” and “disabled”. If the user chooses the “activated” button, it will give Facebook permission to recognize it in photos and videos published on the social network.

With this feature activated, Facebook will notify you with a notification if someone posted a photo of you or if you are part of a post-hearing (even if they have not tagged you).


This function will have various options such as being able to report that you are not the one who is the image, omit the publication, accept tag or ask the author of the post to delete the photo.

The same thing will happen if another person uses your photo as a profile image, facial recognition technology will immediately notify you. “We are doing this to prevent people from posing as others on Facebook,” concluded the director of the social network.

The purpose of this function is to increase the security and privacy of its users. In the same statement, Facebook also announced a tool that describes the photos to inform people with visual disabilities about the faces that appear in published photos.

Detecting when other people are using your image without permission is a wish fulfilled for many.

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