Facebook Launches a News App with a Paid Subscription

Facebook launches a news application that will be available for paid subscription.

The function will be released by the end of this year, a company representative announced at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in New York.

The new feature will allow publications to create a news wall in Instant Articles, which will transfer the user to the home page of the newspaper where you can subscribe and pay for the subscription.

The Instant Articles feature was launched by Facebook in 2015 so that publishers can publish their articles directly in the application. But many publications stopped using it, because they did not notice the difference in traffic between the application and the traditional links to the original article in social networks. Plus, many believed that the application lacked a monetary component.

Facebook is considered a threat to news media, as it deprives them of fees for online advertising by publishing articles directly in their tape. Facebook is constantly working on improvements, so as not to lose to its electronic rivals Google and Apple News, the latter especially on the rise for the past six months.

The new feature will be tested from October 2017, the option of paid subscription will be offered after the user has read a certain number of articles, as do most news resources.
The representative of the company said that all news publications with which the company was trying to cooperate are asking for a paid subscription. This is what they are going to do..!!

News Source: The Independent .

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