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4 Facts You Still Do not Know About Body Fat

1. Fat Loss Increases Your Appetite

In general during the day we feel satiated, except in the moments prior to the main meals, but neither are excessive sensations. Now, when we lose fat we lose leptin . This hormone produced by fat travels through the bloodstream to the brain and affects our appetite : if leptin is lacking, appetite increases. Is that fat is vital. Our body and our mind know it and will do everything possible so that we do not lack.

2. Fat Loss Slows Metabolism

In this case the hormone produced by fat also has interference. The less leptin we have, the less efficient our muscles will be and the more our metabolism will slow down . According to recent studies , a lack of leptin reduces metabolism by about 10% when we rest and 25% when we exercise. Undoubtedly, a slow metabolism and an exponential appetite are not factors that contribute to weight loss.

3. It is Possible to Generate Fats without Eating Food

When our body needs new fat cells, stem cells will prefer to take more fat cells than muscle cells or bones. If they do not find where to take these fat cells, they tend to take them from the stores with the body, that is, the proteins of muscle mass. This action slows the functioning of the organs and weakens the immune system, among other negative effects for the body .

4. We are not only Fattened by Sedentary Lifestyle and Gluttony

It is clear that excessive food intake and inactivity contribute to weight gain. However, fat also has other mechanisms to increase. The bacteria in the digestive system , for example, play a role in this regard, as some are more effective in removing calories than others.

Changes in hormone levels as we grow older also have an influence on weight gain: it is not the same to eat a certain amount of food at 15 than at 30. Some studies claim that genetics play an important role in weight gain. weight gain and obesity. What’s more, women have more ability to store fat and tends to be more complicated for us than for them to lose weight.

In short, an excessive loss of fat will never be beneficial to our body. For this reason, it is essential to have a balanced diet that does include healthy fats . Exercise and a serene life without stress are also important factors to consider if we are looking to reduce size. We hope you find this information useful and that you take them into account in your daily life.

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