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Why There will be No Full Moon in February 2018?

February will not have the full moon and this is a rare absence. In fact, this has not happened since 1999. And next time will be in 2037. But this is not a symptom of the end of the world.

Why there will not be full moon in this February

On Earth, almost all of us use the same calendar, with 365 days divided into 12 months. But Luna is not very interested in our calendar. For her, each month lasts 29 days. Of course, this detail usually goes unnoticed, except once every 19 years, when all coincidences are aligned.

By this same phenomenon, January 2018 will have 2 full moons: January 1 and 31. Interestingly, the full Moon of 31 will also be a supermoon and a blood moon. Two phenomena in one! For its part, March will also have 2 full moons: March 1 and 31.

Will the Absence of the Moon affect us in this February?

The full moon always had an aura of mystery. In this sense, the existence of the werewolf is not the only myth associated with it.

In the world of aesthetics, there are those who have the conviction that if they cut their hair during the full moon, it will grow stronger and healthier. However, there is still no scientific evidence to prove it.

Likewise, there is a belief that the full Moon enhances dispersion and alters mood, insofar as it has enough strength to alter sleep patterns. If this were real, in February, our concentration and our dream would be widely favored. However, for the time being, no definitive conclusion has been reached in the scientific world regarding this last point. There are studies that confirm these effects, just as there are others that conclude that the full moon has no effect on us.

In summary, beyond the beliefs and mystery that surround the full Moon, the most important thing is that we should not worry about his absence in February. Better, let’s enjoy its double appearance in January and March.

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