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Hence Proved! Chicken First and Egg Next by Science

 The discovery of a special type of protein can only be formed in the ovaries of hens on egg shells help scientists answer questions not found the answer during thousands of years. Chicken before the egg or the egg before the chicken was born? Throughout the centuries, this question remains a mystery to the philosophers and scientists worldwide. However, recently the British scientists claim they have finally found answers to this conundrum.

And the answer, according to scientists England, was the chicken.

Scientists found an important protein that constitutes a hen’s egg, but only found in the ovaries of the hen.That also means that, before the existence of the fact, the egg must stay inside the chicken.

the chicken
the chicken

This particular protein called ovocledidin-17, or OC-17, which acts as a catalyst to accelerate the development of the egg shell. This hard shell is stronger house for egg yolk while protecting the chickens when they grew up on the inside.

The scientists from the Universities of Sheffield and Warwick England used a powerful computer named Hector to enlarge the texture of an egg. Hector discovered that OC-17 is a component critical in forming the shell.

The main proteins that make calcium carbonate into calcite crystals, raw materials make up eggshells. Although plenty of calcite found in eggs and animal bones, but the chicken species can form this substance is faster than the other species. Per every 24 hours per hen can produce 6 grams of calcite in the eggshell.

Dr Colin Freeman, from Sheffield University said: “For a long time many people thought that the egg had before. However, now we have the scientific evidence to confirm that, in fact, the chicken before the egg “.

Professor John Harding, also of the University of Sheffield, said the findings could have many other applications. “Understanding how chickens make eggs is a problem not only exciting but also can provide ideas to create new materials and processes.”

“Nature has found innovative solutions to solve all the problems of science and engineering materials. We can learn a lot from it “, Professor Harding said.

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