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ATTENTION: Hackers are hijacking iPhone/Mac devices remotely

A nightmare, taken your iPhone in the morning and not be able to unlock it..!! As hackers have kidnapped your iPhone at a distance and ask you for a ransom to regain access.

Not many users of Apple devices that suffered the abduction of their iPhone, iPad or Mac by computer criminals who somehow violated their iCloud accounts .

Hackers hijack Apple Computers

Tools like Find my iPhone or Search my Mac are very useful if they steal the device but become a double-edged sword if malicious people get to give your password and locks the equipment remotely.

Users around the world saw their blocked iPhone, iPad or Mac showing a message asking them to pay a bitcoins rescue to free them, all thanks to the hacker gaining access to their iCloud account .

Those with just knowing the Apple ID , that is to say the mail that we use for our account Apple and the corresponding password.

The computer is hijacked and can not be unlocked even though we have it in hand, as the hacker will be in charge of changing keys and recovery emails. Since Apple recommend not to pay the ransom amounting to approximately $ 40 dollars.

In case of suffering such an unpleasant problem contact Apple directly , you can do it by phone or chat after describing what happens on your help page . Through different questions you can identify yourself as the real owner of the account and thus restore your password and regain control of your device.

If your iPhone is blocked, we recommend that you remove the SIM and temporarily put it on another phone so that you can authenticate via SMS. It also changes the passwords in all your web services accounts or other devices.

The best way to prevent cybercriminals from remotely hijacking your Apple devices by asking for a ransom is to have a strong password and enable 2-step verification on iCloud , since every time someone tries to log into your account from a new computer or laptop, they will be prompted a code that only you will have since it arrives via text message.

Prevent is better than regret, prevent hackers from hijacking your iPhone or Mac by adding two-step verification to your account and if you were a victim do not pay the ransom, better communicate directly with Apple to regain control of your devices .

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