How to Extend Intercourse? Ways to have Longer Sex & Delay Orgasm

How to extend sexual intercourse? How long does sex last on average? How to extend intercourse?

Many people, regardless of age or gender, wonder about it. The desire to feel pleasure, as well as to meet the needs of a partner, drives many of us to look for effective ways to increase sensations, as well as to extend them. How long does sexual intercourse last? Assuming the time is counted from the moment of inserting the penis into the vagina until ejaculation, the average duration of intercourse is about 7 minutes. However, this is an average value that is difficult to relate to in every case. Nevertheless, we do have a starting point. How to extend your intercourse? What to do to enjoy each other’s closeness longer?

Extending intercourse – ways

There are many different ways to prolong your intercourse. One of the most common is a long enough foreplay. Caresses and kisses can greatly heat up the temperature between partners, and thus also extend the duration of the intercourse itself. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to build a sufficiently high erotic tension, the final act of which will be a rapprochement. Expectation and uncertainty about what will happen to keep sex, even in long-term relationships, still attractive and alluring. Remember not to fall into a routine in the bedroom – this is the worst that can happen to us.

Ways to have longer sex. Intermittent intercourse

Intermittent intercourse can also be a way to have longer sex. What does it mean? Well, the partner inserts a member into the vagina and then takes it out for a few seconds after a short time. Then it repeats the action until both sides are satisfied. In this way, you can significantly extend the approach time. Many couples use this method, believing in the success, of intermittent intercourse as a contraceptive method. Nothing could be more wrong. Intermittent intercourse does not protect against pregnancy! To make sure you don’t fertilize, use scientifically proven contraceptive methods.

How to delay ejaculation?

According to commonly available data, in men, the time needed to achieve orgasm, and thus ejaculation, ranges from 3-7 minutes. If this time does not exceed two minutes, then we are dealing with the phenomenon of premature ejaculation. Nevertheless, even men who are in the “average”, often look for ways to postpone this moment in time as much as possible and satisfy their partners. Well, the matter is not easy and has an individual character. Nevertheless, the intermittent intercourse technique will definitely help. The second aspect is the level of training. What does it mean? Not more or less than men who have intercourse more often have a better ability to control ejaculation.

How to delay female orgasm?

The female orgasm is a riverside topic. And although for many years there was a belief that sex was not meant to bring happiness and pleasure to a woman, only to procreate, it is now known that both partners should equally enjoy the sensations of having sex.

Many women openly talk about the problem of achieving orgasm – despite their partner’s efforts, they do not feel satisfied with their intercourse. These ladies should consult a gynecologist and sexologist as this may indicate deeper physiological or psychological problems.

What if the orgasm comes too soon? How to delay female orgasm? Recipes for this can be found in tantra, which reveals many interesting methods that can enrich our erotic life and teach us to control our excitement.

How to delay a man’s orgasm?

Delaying a man’s orgasm is the key to success when it comes to successful sex. While a woman may experience an orgasm many times or not at all, in men, after reaching the peak, the level of desire drops significantly and the partner sometimes has to go to great lengths to stimulate them again. Therefore, as in the case of women, men can also take advantage of the advice that will allow them to control ejaculation while maintaining an erection. It is possible, among others, by not too deep penetration combined with the partner’s caresses. The role of a woman is very large because if she senses too much excitement about her partner, she should slow down the pace and change the nature of the intercourse (eject the penis from the vagina and start extra-genital caresses). It only takes a few seconds to stabilize the level of desire and take control of a man’s orgasm.

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