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The G-spot is one of life’s mysteries, much like the Loch Ness monster and the Holy Grail. Scientists and sexperts have been arguing over the G-spot for years but most now agree that for some women it does exist, and it can lead to amazing orgasms.

So here’s how to find your G-spot and 5 great tips on how to use it – and don’t worry if you don’t think you have a G-spot because these tips will have you orgasming for England anyway!

What is your G-spot?

For those believers out there the G-spot is a super-sensitive area found inside the front wall of the vagina. When it’s stimulated, like the clitoris, it can bring you to orgasm quicker than just penetrative sex.

Why’s a G-spot so special?

Deborah Sundahl, expert on female ejaculation and author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot says, ‘ The G-spot has a unique orgasm, which is different from the clitoris. This is due to the fact that the prostate has a different nerve (pelvic) than the clitoris (pudendal), and therefore the G-spot has a different orgasmic sensation. This feeling is one of deep, melting love, and women love it!’

Does every woman have a G-spot?

Well, the jury’s still out on this one, sexpert Lou Paget says, ‘Yes, the G-spot exists, but every woman is different. For some it’s an off-the-wall experience and others feel nothing. In the same way that some women have especially sensitive nipples and others don’t.’

Why do we have a G-spot?

Some medical evidence suggests that the G-spot has a purpose other than to make you feel really, really good! Sexpert Emily Dubberley, says, ‘Some scientists believe the G-spot can help ease childbirth because when the G-spot is stimulated the pain threshold is increased by up to 84%.’

Can the G-spot give you a guaranteed orgasm?

‘There’s no such thing as a guaranteed orgasm,’ says Emily, ‘But knowing whether G-spot stimulation works for you is certainly a good thing – the better you know your body, the higher your chances of having an orgasm.’

Is it true the G-spot can make you ejaculate?

Recent research found that some women can ejaculate through sex, foreplay or by having their G-spot stimulated but it’s different to the way men ejaculate – women do it before they orgasm. But don’t get hung up on whether you are ejaculating or not. Sex and relationship psychologist Dr Petra Boynton says, ‘Some men are convinced that if a woman doesn’t ejaculate she hasn’t had a ‘good’ orgasm. But this is often an idea that comes from porn and usually it’s faked or it’s just urine. If you’re being made to feel inferior make it clear to him this isn’t a turn on for you, instead show him what does work.’

How do I find my G-spot?

There’s no harm in having a feel around yourself to see if you can find it.

Inside the vagina there’s a small patch of ridged, knobbly tissue about 2 1/2 – 5 cms. It’s on the front wall of the vagina, so if you’re lying on your back and you can feel it with your fingers, they would be pointing up to the ceiling rather than down to the floor. You should notice a rougher patch of skin in comparison to the smooth areas either side – bingo! You’ve found it.

‘It is possible to actually sit down in front of a big mirror on the floor, spread the labia lips, push out with the vaginal muscles and see the G-spot!’ says Deborah Sundahl. ‘You can see the ridges. I advise all women to take a look and get acquainted with this lovely female organ.’

I can’t feel anything!

Don’t worry, you’re completely normal. Dr Petra says, ‘You’re not superior if you have a part of your vagina that feels good when touched, and you’re not abnormal if you don’t get turned on by having the G-spot area stimulated – we’re all different. And don’t forget the other areas of the body that turn you on.’

Oh! Yes, I’ve found it – now what do I do?
Just follow our 5 expert G-spot moves to maximise your pleasure!

G-spot tip No.1 – Get in the mood
It might sound silly but you can’t just hit your G-spot and expect instant pleasure. Like many things, it’s worth the wait. So, relax, take your time, enjoy some foreplay first – it’s easier to find that knobbly, fleshy mound if you are already aroused. And it doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have a G-spot, as long as you’re enjoying sensual sensations, then you or your partner is doing something right.

If you’re getting anxious just stop, enjoy some kissing, cuddling and foreplay, use some lube and enjoy your whole body, not just your vagina.

G-spot tip No.2 – Try a sex toy!
Have you ever seen those vibrators that are curved at the top? They can be helpful in finding and stimulating the G-spot. Apply a little bit of lube on to the tip of the vibrator and insert it with the curved tip pointing up towards your belly, so that it finds the G-spot. Move it slowly around the G-spot but don’t forget your clitoris, lips and breasts too.

If you’re with your partner let him have a go, he might find it easier to stimulate you with the vibrator – then you can just lie back and let him do the hard work! Find the best sex toy for you with our tried and tested guide.

G-spot tip No.3 – Use your fingers
Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting help from your partner the technique is the same. Add some lube to the middle and index fingers and slide them a couple of inches inside your vagina.

Start to make ‘come here’ motions against the front of your vaginal wall – like you’re beckoning to someone. Your G-spot should feel different to the smooth walls of the rest of your vagina – it should be noticeably more bumpy and raised. The only way to really know if you’re hitting the right spot is how it makes you feel.

Some women say they get a sudden urge to wee (which should pass), and others just feel instantly aroused. If nothing happens at first, try touching it in a different way, vary the speed, change the pressure from light, flicking motions to rubbing intensely, try circular movements and going side-to-side. You’ll be surprised at how different they’ll all make you feel.

G-spot tip No.4 – Get on top
Tired of all that messing around? Just want to get down to it? Don’t worry – it is possible to stimulate your G-spot while having sex and one of the best way to do it is by getting on top.

When you’re in control you can angle his penis, shift and move around until you’ve got it just right and make sure you tell him when you have! Your fella can help you by tilting his pelvis as much as possible. Make sure you’ve done plenty of foreplay to start with because your G-spot is easier to stimulate when you’re already aroused.

G-spot tip No.5 – Do it doggy style
Whatever your thoughts are on doggy-style, there’s no denying that it’s good for hitting your G-spot – and a perfect position to hide your belly!

The best way to feel the benefits are by getting your man to put his legs outside of yours and lean forward as he thrusts, tilting your bum upwards. This will help to angle his penis downwards, on a direct course to your G-spot!


Source: GoodtoKnow


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