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Humans spend Most of Time for Romance in their entire Life

Humans average we spend a third of our lives asleep time, then spend much time for romance? According to research firm surveyed Reebok sports, men have done in 71 years 25 915 equivalent days of life on earth and the answer is only 0.45% of life to “love” the equivalent of 117 days when the time to sit up to 29.7%.

According to scientists Eveningexpress, Humans spend Most of Time for Romance in their entire Life, Human detection for 0.69% (180 days) for sports activities, 41% (10 625 days) technology for electronic devices, 29.7% (7709 days) Each time, 6.8% (1,765 days) for the communication activities of friends, family, and only 0.45% (117 days) for sexual activity. Indeed in this study period for sexual activity is the figure reminds us to remember the great benefits of it. Sexual activity helps the body release more hormones in the blood vary, increase close relationship of love with your partner, improve mood, stimulate the brain, increase libido, relieve pain , strengthen the body’s immune system, help with sleep and longevity … and many more great things! Along with these benefits, plus regular sports exercise, have a healthy life, a reasonable diet balanced results will improve the quality of life both physically and mentally.

The purpose of this study remind people it’s important and necessary to take care of themselves and have a healthy balanced lifestyle.


According Yan Martin-PHPs Reebok company CEO said: “If every day we used the phone down 30 minutes and take the time to practice it is somewhat good influence for life!”.

According Yan Martin, the purpose of this study is not for everyone “fear” but to hope, to inspire and to get moving every day more. A simple thing like walking or climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator gave different results!