3 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Immigration Case

Did you know what mistakes people usually make while applying for the citizenship? Check out the article now

People do wish to settle outside their country, for which, they have to go through the legal procedures. While applying for the citizenship either through marriage or investment, many people make few common mistakes that they shouldn’t. if you are planning to settle in the beautiful Caribbean and applying for the , you should not make these mistakes in your immigration case.

First of all, it’s important to always consult a licensed as well as competent immigration attorney about your case and determine what your options maybe. So let’s dig in and understand what mistakes you must avoid in your immigration case;

Lying to Immigration

Not telling the truth, under immigration law, is called misrepresentation. If you lie to immigration on a visa application or to a border patrol officer when you’re trying to gain entry, or even out a green card interview, you could be stuck with a lifetime bar to any immigration benefit. And it’s all because of your misrepresentation or lie. There is a limited waiver available to those who are married to US citizens or permanent residents. But at some point, CAS will not approve the case if someone who has lied repeatedly or even misled officials.

Claiming to be the citizen on a Job Application

People try to do this just to receive any sort of states or immigration benefits including a driver’s license. The most common scenario for making a false claim to citizenship status is when an immigrant tries to use a fake state or local forged-certificate. Moreover, if you use the passport of a family member to get in because you, luckily are the twin of your identical brother or sister, this also counts as a false claim to citizenship. Illegally claiming to be a citizen is very serious, it is a lifetime bar to any sort of immigration benefit.

It does not matter if you’re now married to a citizen or have a green card waiting for you. If immigration or the consulate determines that you’ve made a false claim, you will be red-flagged for the lifetime.

Failing to Keep Copies of all the Documentation

You must have all the copies of the documents that you have sent to immigration. You cannot rely on that one single copy that you have sent to the immigration. You need to keep yourself on the safe side. So just keep copies of your documents. Immigration itself has lost cases before and even cases where you need copies of a file as the immigration can take years to produce the requested file. The long waiting period to get a copy of your file could eliminate window opportunity for you. Don’t also count on your attorney to keep copies of your file. At the conclusion of your case, you should receive at least a full copy of your file or what was filed on your behalf. You surely have a right to this under state law.

So Just keep these things in Mind

  • You should ask this from your attorney if you have been represented before.
  • Do not send in originals to immigration unless they specifically request them.
  • It is very difficult to get originals returned.
  • The national research center requires originals because they send the originals to the consulate so you will have to send originals to the national research center when requested.
  • You should keep copies of your originals when you send your originals to immigration in case they are lost.

An Article Written by: Mark John

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