7 Interesting Facts about Pornography, You Probably didn’t Know it

Those who say they have never seen pornography or do not consume it are lying the taste for adult entertainment knows no limits of age, sex, nationality or religion.

The pornography is part of our culture , so we invite you to learn these seven interesting titbits about the porn you are going to leave speechless.

1. The average Age for Starting Pornography ConsumptionAge for Starting Pornography

A research conducted by the University of Montreal in Canada found that just 10 years is the average age at which children start in the consumption of pornography , even before reaching Puberty. Keep going for the rest of your days

2. According to the Scientists, there is No Relationship between the Consumption of Pornography and Violent BehaviourPornography and Violent Behaviour

The view pornography even those considered ” hardcore “ has no relation to the levels of violence to the person. At least that says research published in the Violence Against Women Journal , yes, the consumption of adult material creates a misconception about sex and intimacy.

3. Two Countries Punish with Death Penalty for Producing and Distributing Adult Material

If you live in North Korea or Iran , never enter the pornographic business, as these two countries punish with the death penalty the production and distribution of sexual material for adults .

4. The First Porn Films Date from the end of the 19th Century

First Porn Films Date


The pornography is so important in our world that the first porn movie was filmed shortly after the invention of cinema in 1895.

5. Sundays are the most Popular Day to watch PornographyPopular Day to watch Pornography

The consumption of pornography is given every day, but if there is a time of the week in which this increases is Sunday .

The data provided by the site PornHub also reveal that the times in which they receive the most traffic is between nine and twelve at night .

6. Australia banned the Creation of Pornography that included Women with too small Breasts (for a very good reason) Women with too small Breasts

In Australia adult movie actresses should have A or larger breasts and it is not for fetish or discrimination. The reason for banning material with women with small breasts is to avoid using underage actresses or pretend to be , discouraging Pedophilia.

7. A Quarter of all Searches on the Internet correspond to PornographyInternet correspond to Pornography

What are you looking for in Google? There are several terms that are trend but at least a quarter of them correspond to adult material . Likewise, 33% of downloads on the Internet are pornographic videos , which occupies a significant part of the available bandwidth.

This study was done four years ago, so it is likely that the age today is still lower .

The porn will present on the Internet and appear every new medium, not for nothing is part of human civilizations since records began and more than demonize is not harmful if consumed in moderation .

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