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Internet Addiction: Know The Statistics all Over the World

Every addiction is harmful, it is a dependency that can not be dispensed with and this has its risks, even something that you think cannot do harm like the Internet. Do you know what they say about this problem? Find the answer below.

Which gender is more likely to become addicted to the Internet?

In a study carried out by Stanford University, it was concluded that more women are addicted to the Internet more than men, with 64% of the woman and men 55%.

Dysfunctionality and impulsivity

Compared with a control group, people addicted to the Internet have higher rates of anxiety and depression, and they also showed less rates of co-operativism and self-direction.


The game addicts gamers type Shooters in the first person demonstrated a high level of impulsivity. Those who conducted this study also announced that regular non-addicted players can improve decision-making.

Family factors in Chinese young people addicted to the Internet

In a sample of young Chinese, those who had Internet addiction showed higher rates of parent/child conflict, dissatisfaction with their families and saw their parents as the person who punishes them, does not support them and is not fond of them.

The Internet addicts tend to be usually only children of divorced parents and living with one of them.

What Parameters does an Internet addict have to meet?

To be an Internet addict, one of the criteria that has been proposed has been to have symptoms such as: 6 hours of non-essential Internet use every day for at least 3 months.

Video Games and Pornography Addictions

About addictions to related problems such as pornography and video games it was found that addicts to video games have lower indicators of life satisfaction and more shyness than those who are addicted to online pornography.

Statistics of university students

In a sample of university students compared to non-addicted subjects, those with Internet addiction have a history of greater stressful events in their lives, a neurotic behavior, they are less extroverted and have a worse family functioning.

Europe and North America

The degree of prevalence among published studies on Internet addicts in Europe and North America is between 1.5% and 8.2%.

United Kingdom

18% of students in the United Kingdom are considered pathological users of the Internet and this causes them interpersonal, social and academic problems.

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