Legend of Treasure: The Amber Room (Part 2)

There are Germans today who are still tracing their traces. The amber hall was stolen by the Nazis from the palace of the Tsar in the Soviet invasion of 1941.

Completely handcrafted from amber, gold and stone Your room, which contains the most classic works of Baroque art, can be considered as a wonder of the modern world. In March 2011, the hunt for 60 years Tsar’s Amber Room has made new discoveries in a small town in East Germany, when treasure hunters discover a sandpit they believe is Contains one of the wonders of the modern world. Matthias Gluba, an architect and passionate historian, seems to have traced the treasure after studying wartime material in the town of Auerswalde, near the German city of Chemnitz.

Auerswalde was the place where Hitler built the two largest guns in history – Dora and Gustav – two huge monsters on the railroad track capable of blowing down tons of heavy guns. When investigating the history of these canoes, Gluba accidentally uncovered documents about the secret underground site.

Image of the original Amber Room. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Image of the original Amber Room. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Gluba then found detailed information on the secret transport from the city of Koenigsberg (now Kaliningrad and part of Russia but in 1945 was still the main city of East Germany) – the last place to be kept Known of the legendary Amber Room before it was handed to the Red Army.

The Amber Room was stolen from the Tsar’s palace during the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Completely handcrafted from amber, gold and gems, the room contained the most classic works of the tsar. The art of Baroque and widely recognized as one of the most important art treasures in the world. When all of its 565 candles are lit up, the Amber Room is described as “bright as gold”.

The room was valued at about 150 million pounds (about 5,000 billion), but many thought it was invaluable. This was a gift from King Prussia to Tsar Peter the Great in 1716. Afterwards, Catherine the Great delivered a team of artisans to decorate the room and moved it from the Petersburg Winter Palace to the new home. Her summer on the outskirts of Tsarskoye. By January 1945, the room disappeared after numerous ground and air attacks.

The original room was partially restored in 1979 but still lacked original splendor. Ever since it disappeared, it became as mysterious as the legendary El Dorado gold city, and became the longing for the rich and the poor.

The German transport official said it was housed in a castle and burned down after an air strike. But recently, 57-year-old Gluba, re-launched a hunt for the virtual room. He found documents on an air raid on Breslau (formerly in Germany, now a Polish city) on February 4, 1945.

Catherine Palace in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, used to place the Amber Room. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Catherine Palace in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, used to place the Amber Room. (Photo: Daily Mail)

The army said 40 wagons from Koneigsberg, which had been lost days earlier to the Red Army, were not harmed during the attack and were on their way to Auerswalde “in the most secret way.” Then I found the document saying that hundreds of Soviet POWs were directed to dismantle the crates from the train and take them to an underground base in the forest outside the town, then I found the record I wrote about sending an SS unit to protect this activity, “the British Guardian quoted Gluba. He said the campaign was very late, in the context of such a chaotic war and chaotic transportation system that proved to be extremely valuable.

Gunter Richter, a 80-year-old locality living in Auerswalde, told Gluba that he remembers in the Muna forest outside the town a military-themed military hut he had been to when he arrived there. childhood. He remembers that the tunnel was wide enough for the truck to run inside. But it disappeared from postwar maps.

In 2011, he and Gluba found a vent that led to a secret underground structure that they believed was the old cellar.

“If the shipment from Koenigsberg and escorted by Agent S.S. is here, we are responsible for the history of opening it and seeing what’s inside,” he said. In March 2011, the search team said they were seeking permission to excavate the treasure.

But since then no further information. By September 2015, treasure hunters claimed to have found the Nazi gold-plated train, and possibly the Amber Room was in it. Polish Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski said he had seen radar images of the ground for a train longer than 100 meters. Three months later, the Polish authorities announced they had found a tunnel, but not the Nazi yellow carriage as predicted. And that also means that the secret of the Amber Room has not yet been solved, the British Daily Mail reported.

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