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Little known Story about the Origin of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day (14/2 days) has become an important holiday, especially for couples. This day honors the whole world love couple. On this day, we express our love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, roses, chocolate and some other special gifts meaningful.However, the true origin of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is not composed entirely of roses, chocolates and the lovely card full of love. Instead, holidays for couples in love this story inspired surprises. There is plenty of information about the origin Valentine’s Day, St. Valentine’s associated with a name. But the fact there were three people named Valentine or Valentinus was canonized so to this day people are still arguing see where any of the three people that created the day when millions of people around the world have suspense. Despite somewhat inconsistent views on Valentine’s Day history but have a common point between the stories of the saints is that they were killed because true love, great love and for justice.

Valentine's Day has become an important holiday, especially for lovers
Valentine’s Day has become an important holiday, especially for lovers

1. One of the legends is the most widely accepted origin of Valentine’s Day is the story involves a missionary Roman Emperor Claudius lived under II in the 3rd century AD. In this period, the Roman Empire experienced a historical period of great change and chaos, also called “The Crisis of Three Centuries”, when the empire was divided into three warring states . Amid this dark period, the Emperor Claudius issued an order banning extreme youth of the entire empire marriage because he believed the soldiers who are not married have better fighting ability. But a brave cleric named Valentine stood out as the wedding in secret for couples in love. But this action was discovered, and he was imprisoned Valentine. Emperor Claudius ordered Valentine beheaded him on 14/2 in 273 days. According to writer Greg Tobin, many argue that the love on Valentine’s Day cards are derived from pieces of paper showing the love and admiration that children smuggled in through the bars for his Valentine, as well as letters the inscription: “your Valentine” before his execution date. But this can only be a person life circumstances are repurposed into this tragic story.

2. Another legend is also quite popular for Valentine’s Day originated the story about a bishop named Valentine. Year 250, Emperor Decius the edict to punish all who do not worship the emperor. This example is only aimed at Christians (Christians) because they worship God. Thus, many Christians have been imprisoned and executed. Among those arrested were the priest Valentine, he was arrested in the year 268. Mr. Valentine was the wise, virtuous should be trusting the Romans. So Emperor Claudius sought to question him to learn and persuade him to deter others, but failed. Angered, the emperor ordered him imprisoned Valentine. Locked up in prison, Valentine was a priest inspiring captains of the underworld named Asterius, by healing the daughter regarded member of this hell. Grateful hearts Valentine priest, Asterius and the whole family to be baptized 46 people follow Christianity. Fearing this would threaten the kingdom, the Roman Emperor commanded the priest Valentine beheaded on February 14 on the road 270 years Flaminius. The death of the priest Valentine was sensational and loved by the people and the Christian people. From there, the name became the symbol of Valentine love supreme.

3. Another legend considers that, in the second century AD, a physician was sentenced to the guillotine for the crime of daring to believe in Jesus. While being detained in prison, sentenced to the guillotine waiting, the doctors had cured the blind daughter of the jailer. She found the light and the love between them arose. 14/2 days, the physician was sent to execution. Before his death, he sent her a love letter signed “your Valentine”. This story then became legendary throughout the world and it has been considered to this day is the festival of lovers. To date, the couple still has traditional sign with the phrase, “From Your Valentine” instead of the name of his old days in the Valentine card. In addition, there are many legends related to the history of Valentines Day. Although there are different, but the legends are characterized absorbent lyrical, romantic, in honor of love couple. Valentine’s Day started in Europe but today are held elsewhere, from Asia to the Americas and Africa. Since the end of last year, the market serves Valentine’s Day around the world have begun to launch. Industries served Valentine’s Day fast prosperity. It sold countless roses, postcards, candy, with enough variety.