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5 Reasons to Kiss a Man with a Beard at Least Once in a Lifetime

I must confess that I adore bearded men. My partner has and I forbade him to shave it. He can not do it, even if it bothers him. I love! That’s why I want to tell you the reasons for kissing a man with a beard at some point in your life.

I want to know if you think the same thing as me…!!

1. The Beard makes them look more manly

Do not say no to me! I do not know if it will be that I love it, but a man with a beard makes me more masculine, more adult, more determined and very independent. The beard can transform a man with a common or not very graceful face into a very attractive being in the eyes of any woman.

2. They are the “Bad Guys”

I do not speak of being bad in the literal sense of the word, but I mean that they are tough and tough guys . The beard gives them the air of a bad boy that all women love.

3. The Beard keeps them free of Wrinkles

A study by the University of Southern Queensland of Australia ensures that the beard blocks a lot of UV rays. Approximately reaches 95% coverage. Under the beard boys always have soft skin like baby bubbles.

4. He is a man who knows what She wants

A bearded boy gives the impression of being committed and knowing exactly what she wants. He is not the type that runs into the first difficulty without looking back.

5. It’s great when it comes to sex

The beards, in addition to everything we said in the previous points, give more fun to sex. They tickle, not just in your mouth when you kiss a boy with a beard. I do not know if you understand me. There are other places in the body that vibrate when a bearded man kisses you.

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