5 Mysteries Related to the World of Pirates that not yet been Solved

If you are a treasure hunter and have detective skills, here are some projects that might interest you.

1. Treasure Pit

Treasure Pit


On the east coast of Canada is the small Oak Island. The place is known in 1795, the adolescent Daniel McGinnis found a well that had crossed a great engraved stone indicating that underneath was a supposed treasure.

For more than 200 years, attempts to reach the bottom of the well have cost the lives of 7 people, which has made the legend grow that the place is cursed.

It is believed that the alleged treasure would have been hidden by Captain Kidd, a pirate from the time he operated on the east coast. Kidd said that he had hidden a treasure in a place that only he and Satan knew.

2. The Kraken

The Kraken


This legendary sea monster was the terror of any boat that crossed the ancient seas. With its huge tentacles, it is said that it was able to suck to the deepest sea to the most imposing ship.

Of the Kraken, there is not even the slightest evidence and it is believed that the legend was the product of pirate gossip for the purpose of instilling fear in the marine community. However, it is also said that the pirates themselves trembled with fear of hearing of the terrible monster.

3. Retired PiratesRetired Pirates

Although pirates are known to live day by day, without thinking of tomorrow, a contradictory legend speaks of an island called Libertalia, which would have been the place of retreat of these “workers” of the sea.

In the utopian island, pirates of all nationalities coexisted in a kind of egalitarian socialism, in a bewildering display of peaceful coexistence among malefactors. It is believed that the place was located near Madagascar and the only condition to inhabit it was to be a pirate. Nothing is said about social security contributions.

4. Pirate Tunnels

Pirate tunnels


The underground tunnels in the city of Savannah, Georgia, embody the myth that they were used by pirate smugglers. These labyrinths led directly to shallow waters where pirate ships waited ready to undertake the voyage. The collapse of rocks in the tunnels has made it difficult to investigate the truth of this theory.

5. Pirates of New YorkPirates of New York

Another legend as famous as unfounded, tells of the mysterious Lake Ronkonkoma, the body of water in the state of New York that would keep in its depths a lot of treasures and human remains. It is believed that the lake was united to the sea and, according to the myth, it was used by pirates to store riches and to get rid of its enemies.

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