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Mysterious Aircraft X-37B Wings by 600 days in Earth’s orbit

Space plane X-37B’s mysterious US Air Force has spent 600 days in orbit the Earth in the last mission, close to the longest record in the universe of the show.

Automated control plane X-37B took off on the back of the Atlas V rocket United Launch Alliance company departs from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, USA, on 05.20.2015 in the 4th task named Orbital Test Vehicle-called OTV-4 or 4 of the program.

According to Live Science, If the aircraft is unmanned save 74 days in space, it will break the record by OTV-3 mission grounded in May 10/2014 established. However, information on the time of flight of the OTV-4, the purpose of Earth-orbiting X-37B aircraft and other details on the tasks or equipment on the aircraft carrier, is still confidential.

Mysterious Aircraft X-37B Wings by 600 days in Earth's orbit
Mysterious Aircraft X-37B Wings by 600 days in Earth’s orbit

OTV first task started on 22.04.2010 and ended the year with 224 3/12 days in orbit. OTV-2 takeoff and landing date 03/05/2011 06/16/2012 Day after 468 days in orbit. OTV-3 tasks to record nearly 675 days from the day flying around the Earth 11/12/2012 to 17/10/2014. All three tasks previously OTV ground at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, but OTV-4 may land elsewhere.

The US Air Force is promoting active unity of the plane X-37B Space, including the use of fly Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida as landing sites for the facilities. A facility’s previous shuttle Orbiter Processing Facility named KSC-1 (OPF-1) is changed to work for the US Air Force landing permits, restored, refurbished and launched effective means of testing on X-37B orbital, according to representatives of the aerospace company Boeing.[Read More: Discovered Two Supermassive Black Holes In Our Galaxies]

The development of X-37B vehicle by Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems in El Segundo, California, in charge. It is the center of specialized research Boeing test systems and space, as well as commercial satellite and government.
X-37B looks like a miniature version of the sample shuttle stopped using the Agency for Aerospace America. The plane is only 8,8m long, 2.9m high, nearly 4.6 m wingspan property. Meanwhile, long shuttle and has a wingspan of 37m to 24m.

X-37B cargo compartment by compartment large pickup trucks can be equipped with robotic arms. Aircraft weighing 4,990 kg when reporters reached, works by solar batteries made of semiconductor material gallium arsenide (GaAs) and lithium-ion battery pack.[Read More:“Speed Of Light Was Faster In The Early Universe” | Stuffedition]

Some devices on airplanes OTV-4 was determined to include propulsion Hall Thruster XR-5A Rocketdyne and Aerojet company’s advanced materials testing during NASA.

Testing equipment is one of the main purposes of the OTV mission along with technological development reusable spacecraft, according to US Air Force officials. “This is still a useful way to check everything,” Winston Beauchamp, vice secretary of the universe of US Air Force, said at a meeting of the Institute of Aviation and Space USA (AIAA) in Long Beach, California , in September last year.

When asked about the additional capability to the X-37B fleet, Beauchamp said that the current number of vehicles sufficient to meet the requirements of the US Air Force.

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