Mystery of the Female Orgasm may be solved

There are many mysteries surrounding the phenomenon purpose of orgasm in women caused the scientific community to be a headache for centuries, because orgasm does not play an important role with the ability to regenerate.

 Recently however, US researchers announced have found the evolutionary origin of this phenomenon. Scientists at Yale University and the Center for preventing premature Cincinnati Children’s Hospital discovered that the ancestors of our women only one egg fall after orgasm, like many animals other mammals such as cats, rabbits and camels.

Mystery of the Female Orgasm may be solved

Mystery of the Female Orgasm may be solved

Mihaela Pavlicev, co-authored the study, said it should be stressed that women orgasm of human ancestors “orgasm unlike today’s women” and this orgasm “can be changed according to the advancement human goods. “ To get to this conclusion, the researchers studied the mating behavior of species of different mammals and found that the hormone increases during orgasm signal generated from the ovaries to ovulate .

Orgasm in women living ancestor 75 million years the way we expected to be a mechanism like “stimulates ovulation process” frequently. As humans evolved, the spontaneous ovulation phase also development and oocyte is released even without sex, and ancient mechanism also gradually lost, although there is still the question out now about why women do not need mechanisms that stimulate ovulation again.

“There is a lot of debate around the orgasm has nothing else functions as strengthening the harmony or not. Therefore we can not exclude the possibility that this phenomenon has taken on a number of other functions after going to lose function in the process of reproduction, “said Pavlicev.

This study supports the theory about the location of the clitoris – support agencies to orgasm – in species of different mammals.

With animals based on the increase in hormones during mating, the clitoris is often inside or near the genital tract of children to ensure the stimulation during sex.

Meanwhile, the clitoris of the animals spontaneously ovulate again located at quite a distance, that is probably the ancestor clitoris female genital inside the pipe to help stimulate ovulation.

The previous theory that orgasm in women only as “a fortunate outcome” of sex, while another theory that orgasm is born to help women choose and engage with a sexual partner.

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