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7 Myths to Know about Emergency Contraceptive Pill

From the moment the so-called emergency contraceptive pill – also known as the morning-after pill – emerges, rumors began to circulate about its effects and consequences.

But the reality is that this method has been approved by both the Argentine Medical Contraception Association ( AMADA ) and the World Health Organization ( WHO ) and its use, as long as it respects the indications, does not cause adverse effects.

Do not listen to the rumors. Here we will shed light on the most common myths about the emergency contraceptive pill.

# 7 DOES NOT cause birth defects

In the event that the pill does not work and the pregnancy occurs, it does not cause any birth defect in the baby.

# 6 DOES NOT cause risks to women’s health

The emergency pill is not dangerous for the health of the woman, as long as the instructions are respected.

# 5 DOES NOT encourage risky attitudes

This method does not promote any risky sexual behavior but is only used as a last resort in a sexual relationship without protection or failure in it.

# 4 is NOT abortive

This method does not interrupt pregnancy but acts by inhibiting ovulation and preventing the passage of sperm. That is, it avoids fertilization and does not affect in any way when fertilization has already occurred.

# 3 DOES NOT cause infertility

Emergency contraception does not cause infertility in any way. In fact, after taking a pill, the woman can get pregnant immediately. Only acts to prevent pregnancy from sexual acts performed in the previous 5 days and has no effect on those made after taking it.

# 2 Does NOT protect against sexually transmitted diseases

The only method that prevents sexually transmitted diseases is the condom. The rest is used to avoid unwanted pregnancies but not to protect us from infections. Therefore, we must always take good care of ourselves and only go to the pill when a regular contraceptive method has failed.

# 1 is NOT expensive

The emergency contraceptive pill or “morning after pill” has an affordable price to any pocket in Argentina (approximately $ 40).

We recommend you always, in case you can buy it at the pharmacy, that you opt for recognized laboratories and with several years in the market. One of the brands with the longest trajectory is Segurite de Laboratorios Raffo, but there are other options from other laboratories that you can get at your trusted pharmacy.

Y? We demolish with this article some of the myths that you believed true? Do not wait any longer: consult with your doctor to eliminate all your doubts.

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