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NASA developed Humanoid Robots to built the basis for Humans on Mars

After the contest robot search and rescue organization by last year’s DARPA, NASA continues to develop into a robot Humanoid Robots is capable of independent operation, aims to support astronauts during the mission did not time, go on long journeys in the universe and the ultimate goal is to send it to Mars to build the base, based on it, paving the way for human flight landing in the future.

DARPA Was developed in partnership with NASA, the University of Massachusetts and Scotland, Humanoid Robots is a 1.8-meter tall robot identity and weighs 136kg. It was designed based on the image of a woman, on the integrated 4 camera body and over 200 sensors, combined with the computer system makes it possible to handle many different tasks.

Since a few years ago, NASA’s Humanoid Robots is designed to contest robotics search and rescue by the US Department of Defense organizations. But now it has been further developed to perform tasks in space for astronauts. A little further, NASA hopes to enhance the operation of the Humanoid Robots, and give it the ability to work to be able to independently perform the mission or take long trips in space.
More importantly, NASA said the ultimate goal of the project is sending a team to Mars Humanoid Robots, the construction of bases, buildings and premises, enabling humans to set foot on it to settle in future.

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