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20 Best Marathons Series to Watch on Netflix

Netflix also has not resisted the curiosity to discover which are the most viewed series of the world soon in the first 24 hours after the launch. In other words, which titles are the most marathon fans?

If the list amazes you, remember that this is a result obtained from the global market for streaming service and not just the content available in Brazil. Is yours on the list?

Most viewed Series in Netflix Marathons

1. Gilmore GirlsGilmore Girls

The series “Gilmore Girls” marked the lives of many teenagers of the 2000s. The plot tells the story of Lorelai and Rory, mother and daughter who seem like best friends, residents of the town Stars Hollow. The series, which won a reboot on Netflix itself, had the seven seasons made available in the streaming service and was one of the biggest marathon hits there.

2. Fuller HouseFuller House

The sequence of the classic “Three is Everything” (Full House), “Fuller House” is an original Netflix series, which focuses on the story of DJ, the firstborn of the family, who is widowed when she is pregnant with her third child. Stephanie, her middle sister, and Kimmy, her best friend, move into the DJ house to help her care for her three children.

3. Marvel – The DefendersMarvel - The Defenders

One of the most anticipated of Netflix, the series reunites the heroes Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Danny Rand / Iron Fist (Finn Jones). The paths of the four intersect at another dangerous time for New York City. The unlikely union of the four was one of the biggest launches of the service in 2017.

4. The Seven Deadly SinsThe Seven Deadly Sins

Series of manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, “The Seven Deadly Sins” is set in a scenario similar to that of the European Middle Ages and tells the story of seven knights, known as the Seven Deadly Sins. At one point, they separate and disappear when they are accused of trying to overthrow the kingdom of Lions.

The Holy Knights were responsible for their supposed defeat. Years later, these same Holy Knights make a coup and take over the kingdom of Lions.

And it is at this moment that Princess Elizabeth goes off in search of the Seven Deadly Sins so that they can help her regain the throne.

5. The RanchThe Ranch

Starring Ashton Kutcher, the comedy revolves around a very strange family living on a ranch. Despite being light and relying on the stars so beloved by the public since “That ’70s Show,” the series came to be considered lazy and criticized as a result of the low-quality streaming service productions.

6. Santa Clarita DietSanta Clarita Diet

Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) are two real estate agents, married and with a teenage daughter, who are unhappy with their lives in Santa Clarita, suburban Los Angeles. Their fate changes radically when Sheila, overnight, becomes a zombie.

7. Trailer Park BoysTrailer Park Boys

Although not popular in Brazil, “Trailer Park Boys” is a real success in Canada because it is a comedy style similar to “The Office”: no canned laughter, with characters who know they are being filmed. The plot follows the life of Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

The place is a kind of “neighborhood” or community aimed at mobile homes, in which the three protagonists are rogues who live getting involved in holidays trying to get money.

8. F is for FamilyF is for Family

The adult animated series, set in 1973, was created by Bill Burr and Michael Price, especially for Netflix. Frank Murphy (Bill Burr) is a traditional family man, married to Sue (Laura Dern), and with three children. They live in a middle-class neighborhood and Frank does not have the least patience with his kids, especially with teenage rebel Kevin (Justin Long), in addition to devaluing his wife’s work.

9. Orange Is the New BlackOrange Is the New Black

Based on the true story of Piper Chapman, it tells the story of this woman whose seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when she must serve time in a female prison for drug trafficking committed years ago. One of the first original series on Netflix remains one of the biggest successes of the company.

10. Stranger ThingsStranger Things

The Duffer brothers do not need introductions! Set in the ’80s – and inspired by pop culture classics of that era – “Stranger Things” became a real fever on Netflix by introducing four nerdy friends who set out on an adventure when one of them mysteriously disappears. And if we talk more, we’ll give spoilers!

11. University FriendsUniversity friends

The comedy revolves around a group of friends from Harvard who is turning 40. Ethan (Key), Lisa (Smulders), Sam (Parisse), Nick (Faxon), Max (Savage) and Marianne (Park) meet again of years, and that has enormous consequences for their lives. The series, which despite being marathoned worldwide has not had good reviews, explores the complicated relationships between the characters and the balance between old friendships, nostalgia, professional and personal success.

12. AtypicalAtypical

“Atypical” stars Sam (Keir Gilchrist, “If You’re Going Crazy, Do not Fall In Love”), an 18-year-old boy with autistic spectrum who decides to find a girlfriend. With a screenplay by Robia Rashid of “How I Met Your Mother,” the series explores Sam’s pursuit and maturity in a well-constructed and sensitive way.

13. Grace and FrankieGrace and Frankie

The series follows the story of old rivals Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin), whose paths cross again because of the new direction of their marriages. When their respective husbands announce that they are in love with one another and that they are planning to marry, their lives are turned inside out. Over time, they discover they can count on each other.

14. Wet Hot American SummerWet Hot American Summer

After 14 years, the movie “Wet Hot American Summer” has given rise to a series of Netflix. Based on the movie “Another American Summer,” Firewood Camp is more than a vacation colony: it’s a lifestyle. The first year of the series takes place before the events of the show, showing the first day of the camp in 1981.

15. Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Created and developed by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the original Netflix series tells the story of Kimmy (Ellie Kemper), a woman who lived 15 years isolated from the world in a cult, believing that she was one of the only survivors of an apocalypse that decimated the land. After she is rescued, she decides to live in New York, where she makes new friends and discovers an entirely new world.

16. House of CardsHouse of Cards

The remake of a 1990s BBC series “House of Cards” features Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a corrupt politician who does not go to great lengths – even if it involves assassinations and schemes to get closer and closer more of the White House.

17. LoveLove

In the series, the ways of the nerd Gus (Paul Rust) and of the stripped down Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) cross of unexpected way. Together, they exchange confidences about what they have already done in their emotional relationships and share the hope of having better “luck” in the future.

The young couple talks about what they think of love and questions how the movies themselves and series love (unrealistically) this feeling.

18. GlowGLOW

In Los Angeles, the series tells the fictional story of an unemployed actress who has one last chance to live her dreams through a weekly series of female fighters. The series is based on the true story of the women’s wrestling program GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), which lasted four seasons.

19. Chewing GumChewing Gum

In the British comedy series, Tracey Gordon (Michaela Coel) is a 24-year-old Londoner who, raised by her rather religious mother, has never had a sexual experience. Repressed and with limited knowledge about sex, the young woman tries to lose her virginity with the groom, Ronald (John McMillan), who intends to remain chaste until the wedding.

The unconventional mood is the differential of “Chewing Gum,” which secured a third season on Netflix after being canceled by Michaela Coel, who is the protagonist and creator of the series.

20. Master of NoneMaster of None

The series follows the life, in the personal and professional ambits, of Dev (Aziz Ansari), a 30-year-old actor from New York who has problems typical of a nerd bachelor, son of immigrants in middle age. Ambitious, fun and very personal, Dev’s story leads him to delve into many subjects, from the right of the elderly to the routine of immigrants in a foreign country.