Earn extra Money: 12 Ideas for Part time Jobs that don’t require so much effort

An extra money does not dislike anyone, but having a full – time schedule in the office makes it very difficult to get another job.

And not only that, after spending 8 hours in front of a monitor the least you want is to see a computer. So what options are there to get additional income? Here are some ideas for part-time work that will surely convince you.

1. Mystery shopper

Large commercial and restaurant chains use the so-called ‘mysterious customers’ to evaluate the performance of their employees in dealing with customers. This way they can also know what they do well and what their areas of opportunity are.

With this job you will be paid to eat in their restaurants and to go to their stores and then prepare a detailed report of the care you received, the quality of the dishes and the ability of employees to solve everyday problems.

2. Bartender

If you like parties and prepare good shots, this job is ideal for you. Obviously it goes out of the routine, besides that you can meet new people. The base salary is usually not as surprising, but what will help you are tips.

3. Gym instructor

This is the ideal job if you love to exercise, since you can get in shape, help others with their routines and they will pay you for that.

Depending on the gym, you may be asked for some certification, but it is worth the effort. The schedules are flexible, so you can combine it with your main job without problems.

4. Driver

One of the most popular complementary jobs is to be a driver through a transport app. In this case it is not necessary that you have a fixed schedule, so it is perfect to be your extra money entry after office work.

All you need is your main work tool, that is, your car, and be registered on the platform as a driving partner.

5. Food deliveryman

Like the previous job, you need to be registered in an app in order to have this job. Whether on a motorcycle or bicycle, you own your own schedule and receive a portion of the profit for each dish you deliver.

6. Baby sister

For this job it is essential that you have an infinite patience and a great sense of responsibility, since taking care of outside children is not a game, but if you do it well you can spend fun moments playing video games, board games or even helping with their tasks to the children of your friends, neighbors or family.

7. Tour Guide

Ideal for a weekend job. While you need a certification provided by a tourism institution in your city, this work can help you make friends from other countries and meet other cultures.

It is essential that you know the history and curious facts of your city, as well as the best places to eat, to go shopping, the best museums and other tourist attractions in your town.

8. Dog walker

Due to the lifestyle of people in big cities, sometimes you don’t have enough time to walk the furry friends. That is why pet care and walk services are in vogue.

You do not have to invest anything, you can advertise on Facebook or some other social network. But that is not why it is a piece of cake, because in fact you will have a great responsibility, since if you are not careful with the dogs they could escape or get into trouble.

9. Room Rental

If you live near a university or a tourist site and you have a couple of rooms in your house, this business suits you. You do not need to invest much, just have a free bedroom and everything you need to inhabit it (bed, dressing table and closet). For an extra payment you can offer daily meals.

You can rent them for a couple of nights or for a longer time. Whatever the case, we recommend delivering receipts where payment is specified and the time in which the room will be occupied. Your main promotion will be in social networks, there are even groups where people recommend where to stay.

10. Home Caregiver

When someone goes on vacation, one of their main concerns is whether their house will be safe in the time it is not. You can help by offering to take care of it (obviously in exchange for a payment).

You do not need to invest in anything, you just have to offer customers the confidence so that they know that their house will be safe in your care. You can charge depending on whether they want you to take care of the house at a certain time or all day.

11. Repair of Electronic items

In the house there is always some electronic device that stops working, from old stereos or televisions, to computers. Many times we do not fix it due to lack of time and even laziness to go to the repair site.

But imagine an electronic item repair service where the technician goes to your home and picks up the device in question, to return it after it has been fixed. It would be a sure success, right? Now imagine that you are the one who provides that service. You don’t need to invest a lot, you just have to have the knowledge and tools.

12. Bicycle Repair

It is one of the friendliest transports and is living a golden age, because it is an environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, it is an excellent exercise.

This new boom can be used to start your own bike shop. The only thing you need, of course, is the tool and knowledge, since it is an activity that you can do from your home and advertise on social networks.

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