Oscars 2019: Indian Documentary ‘Period: End of Sentence’ wins Oscar

Oscars 2019: The Festival of the World’s Largest Film Award Academy Awards, which is the Oscar award, is going on. This festival has also received good news for India.

Indian Film has bagged the world’s biggest film awards Academy Awards i.e. Oscar Awards. Documentary film ‘Period End of Sentence’, which was made on the girls of Hapur’s, India, has received an Oscar for short documentary. This movie makes women aware about health. ‘Period End of Sentence’ has been awarded Oscar in the short documentary category. ‘Period End of Sentence’ is directed by Iranian Rayka Zehtabchi and the film’s producer is Guneet Monga.

The collision of the ‘Period End of Sentence’ for the Oscars was ‘Black Sheep’, ‘End Game’, ‘Lifeboat’ and ‘A Night at the Garden’ ( A Night at the Garden, as well as other short documentaries. Oscar award in the film Short Documentary category ‘Period End of Sentence‘, which was made from affectionately residing in Delhi, Kothikhera, in Uttar Pradesh’s Hepad district, very close to Delhi.

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The ‘Period End of Sentence’ movie was made about women’s health awareness. Together with friends, Sneh had established an industry of sanitary pad in the village itself. The entire team of the film is included in the Academy Awards being held in America. Five movies have been selected for the award. This is the only film from India. The first girl to go to America from the village of Kathikheda is affection.

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