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5 Differences between Real Friends and Fake Friends

The sooner you learn to differentiate true friends from fake friends, the better you will be.

Last year I suffered from one of the most painful situations with whom I felt my dear friend: to feel that he betrayed me. by which I have been more careful and observed the signs that he was not really my friend, but sometimes one is too optimistic with people and does not want to see their shortcomings, especially when it comes to best friends.

Therefore, I believe that before suffering a disappointment it is important to know the differences between real friends and fake friends ones so that situations do not catch you by surprise like me.

# 1 A Friend really supports you

No matter how hard life is, how many problems you have at that moment or how busy they are, a real friend will find a way to support you, whether it’s spending time, words, actions, or just putting your shoulder to your disposition to mourn, or your laughter to celebrate with you.

A fake friend: On the other hand, a fake friend will support you only when they like what you are doing.

# 2 A Friend really accepts you as you are

friend really accepts you as you are

That does not mean that he loves each and every one of the features of your personality, but he does accept you, with your follies, quirks, and extravagances. And probably what you love most is your follies and extravagances! Because he/she does not expect you to be perfect; He/she loves you and accepts you as you are.

A fake friend: He/she will criticize you more than he praises you, or he/she will think you are too something, too extravagant, too corny, too serious, etc.

# 3 A True Friend forgives you almost anything

Just because he/she knows that you are human, he/she understands that sometimes you can fail and he is willing to forgive you for almost anything, except probably that betrays their friendship.

A fake friend: They will be more than willing to offend you and quickly point out your mistakes.

# 4 A True Friend is always here to help you

 real friend is always here to help you

Do you have to move? Your friend will be there carrying furniture and boxes.

Do you have an exciting first date? Sure you will not lack advice and maybe some borrowed clothes.

Did you lose the job? You can always go cry, complain and have a plate of food on your table.

A fake friend: They will be with you in good times and will disappear in the bad times.

# 5 They are always in contact

Real friends always in contact

It does not matter the turns of life or where they are geographically in the world: real friends never lose touch. This does not mean that they will see each other every day, they will go out every weekend or they will talk on the phone every time. Sometimes it is something much more subtle, like a Christmas postcard sent from the other side of the world, or a call at dawn (due to the time difference) to wish you a happy birthday. Maybe they cannot talk for months, and yet they never lose touch.

A fake friend: They can disappear without any notice and reappear when they need something from you.

These are the things that differentiate true friends from false ones! And to keep the relationship always fresh and healthy with your true friends, renew your friendship by doing these things, your friends will thank you!

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