This is How Happier Couples Maintain a Strong and Lasting Relationship

There is no recipe for happiness, but those people who are characterized by being emotionally healthy and who are able to understand and listen tend to be in happy and lasting relationships .

These people are able to understand that happiness is not given by their partner, but that they already have it and find it every day in their interior. There are certain habits that are common in this type of couples, do you practice them?

They always Greet each other upon Arrival and upon Leaving

Many people who say they are not happy in their relationship claim not to remember when they stopped greeting each other with a kiss . Giving a kiss goodbye makes you connect with your partner at least twice a day, when you leave and when you arrive. Kissing each other daily and making eye contact makes a greater connection between them.

They are Generous with the Recognition’s

Recognition is also necessary in the couple’s relationship . It is a virtue to see when the other does or says something worthy of admiration and being able to communicate it is healthy. Something as simple as stopping to say, “I’m proud of you for the wise advice you gave our son,” can do wonders.

They are not always in Agreement

Not agreeing is normal, in fact, through disagreements is when the couple often manages to grow. Disagreements can be seen as opportunities to practice conflict resolution and develop communication skills .

They ask for what they Need or Want

The happiest couples do not have a tendency to read the mind, if there is something they want from the other, they ask for it. And so everything is much simpler. Asking what is needed and listening to the needs of others is a healthy habit.

They laugh Together

Never underestimate the power of laughter, laughing together is a habit that strengthens . Telling the funny anecdotes that happened to them during the day makes them feel closer to each other.

They talk about their Finances

Conflicts and arguments over money are the main cause of divorce, say many experts. Many couples avoid talking about money, until the economic problems are so great that they can no longer be ignored. For a healthy relationship it is best to talk about finances naturally.

When you are honest with yourself, you can be honest with your partner too. And when you’re good with yourself, you’re also good with the person you love.

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