7 Scientific Mysteries of 2017 That Science Could Not Answer Till Now

In 2017, science has allowed us to advance a lot, but we still have several mysteries to solve.

Can science find the answer next year?

1. San Francisco Sharks

San Francisco Sharks


When the year was just beginning, thousands of lifeless sharks began to appear in San Francisco Bay. At that time, the cause of the death of these animals was a mystery. Finally, the scientists discovered that everything was caused by a parasite that entered through their noses and attacked their nervous systems.

But why is it still a mystery? To begin with, we do not know where this parasite comes from or why, from one moment to the next, it began to affect the sharks. The strongest theory so far refers to the overcrowding of sharks in the bay, which would have allowed the parasite to spread among them more easily.

2. Strange Sounds in Space

Strange Sounds in Space


In September, astronomers detected 15 bursts of radio waves from space. The guests were very powerful despite being fleeting. Later they discovered where they came from a galaxy 3,000 million light years away.

However, the cause of these radio waves is not yet known. In general, they come from places with strong magnetic fields, but it is not known if this is the case or not. The source could well be another from which we do not have information.

Two years ago, the same mystery affected the astrophysicists of a laboratory in Australia, with a fun outcome: the signals came from the microwave ovens they used to heat food.

3. The Octopuses that came Out of the Sea



In the month of October, dozens of octopuses began to come out of the water to walk on land in Wales. And of course, the situation alerted the inhabitants of the area, who indicated they had never seen anything similar until then.

So far, there are 3 theories. In one of the 3 theories, the aging of octopuses (and the consequent malfunction of their brains) would have caused them to leave the sea. In another, the fault was Hurricane Ofelia and Storm Brian. In the third, overpopulation in their species would have caused them to leave the sea to look for more food.

However, none of these 3 theories has been confirmed as true. The strange behavior of the octopus is still a mystery in this 2017.

4. The location of Amelia Earhart

location of Amelia Earhart


Since the historic Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937, a large number of specialists and researchers have fervently searched for their remains. In this 2017, a team of 4 dogs detected on the island Nikumaroro, in the Republic of Kiribati, the possible location of their remains.

But, although the dogs pointed to the area, nothing of interest was found. However, soil samples were taken for analysis in a laboratory. The results are still unknown. Could it have been that island where Amelia Earhart died?

5. The Death of the North Atlantic whales

Death of the North Atlantic whales


In mid-year, about 6 whales died in the North Atlantic, without a clear cause. By the end of the year, the number had risen to 17. So far, no one knows exactly the cause of their deaths, although as usual, there are several theories trying to find the answer.

On the one hand, the specialists detected in them several injuries caused by the boats, in addition to several deaths caused by fishing nets. On the other hand, it was revealed, in another study, the high hormonal levels that the whales presented. For specialists, a clear signal of the high levels of stress they are suffering.

6. The Blue Dog of IndiaThe Blue Dog of India

In the month of August, strange blue dogs in India were documented in pictures and became viral. The information, which flew over the Internet, began to give rise to all kinds of theories. Finally, we discovered the real reason for the affair: the dogs had swum in the polluted waters of the industrialized neighborhood.

But, beyond the reason for its color, the mystery continues. So far, the name of the company that contaminated the water and the name of the responsible chemicals is not known. The good part is that the color turned out to be harmless to the animals. They could even be removed with just a little water.

7. The Curious Cavity in the Pyramid of Giza

Curious Cavity in the Pyramid of Giza


In early November of this 2017, a mysterious cavity was detected within the Great Pyramid of Giza and fed several of the conspiracy theories that have surrounded it for years. As if that were not enough, the media referred to the cavity as a “secret chamber.”

The mystery, in this case, lies in its characteristics. What was it used for? For what purpose was it built? Do you keep secrets inside? Questions that still do not get an answer

There is no doubt that 2017 was an intense year for science. These unresolved mysteries are a clear proof of that. What new mysterious will bring us 2018?

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