6 Useful Tips to Avoid Self Sabotaging in your Relationship

You are well and calm in a relationship. In fact, you feel like everything is going on wheels. However, there is something that tells you that it is not so and you begin to revolve around that problem that you think exists.

It is there that we must realize that our minds are betraying us . But all is not lost: these tips will be useful for when you find yourself in such situations.

1. To say that you are well, But It is Not so..!

Sincerity is an essential virtue for good communication , so it is important that you clearly state your feelings. Although the first step is difficult, it is important to leave half truths aside.

2. Not Spies

Checking the phone or the objects of your partner is childish and a clear sign of insecurity. Why? Internally you think you do not deserve attention or love.

3. Make Compliments

A compliment from time to time can be that extra touch that gives a special touch to your relationship . Doing so indicates that you feel more and more comfortable with each other and, in addition, you create closer ties.

4. Wait for your Mind to Read

Do you feel worried about a problem? Do you think your partner does not value you? It does not invite you to the office party and you want to know the reason? Well, all these emotions are completely valid, but you can not expect the other person to know just because. Before any discomfort, a talk will be able to clarify all the doubts .

5. Talk Frankly about Intimacy

Sex is one of the fundamental parts of a relationship. Therefore, the more sincere and specific you are about your likes and inclinations, the easier it will be to blend in with your average .

6. Avoid Being Cloying

You feel out of the blue because you are with the person of your dreams and you feel that you want to be and talk to him all the time. It is at this point that you must stop, because it is very likely that your partner decides to run in the opposite direction. Before the impulse, remember that also you would like that they gave you your space and your time .

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