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Shocking Research about the Spiritual World

Recent polls by CBS (USA) showed that nearly half of Americans believe in ghosts, 22% of them say they’ve seen or felt the presence of ghosts.Does the devil really exist?

The concept of the devil out of the spiritual world appears when writing was born long ago or even more through word of mouth. But for a long time, scientists have confirmed a clear and definitive: no scientific evidence to explain the existence of evil. So, how do we explain the wise people believe they’ve seen or felt a ghost? Some scientific explanation for the phenomenon and abnormal What is seen ghosts?

There are many explanations for ghost sightings. Researchers Loyd Auerbach, author of several books about hauntings, is a believer in ghosts and was investigating drug cases seen in 30 years. However, he acknowledged that the vast majority of ghost stories can be explained by natural phenomena.

The primary cause is the psychological state of man. “People prone to obsessive watching too much TV or their lives are bad things happening,” he said Auerbach. “Sometimes people confused because they are in a sensitive situation. Therefore, they are assigned to a boring event of great significance.” Can a normal natural phenomenon, or a combination of different phenomena that can lead to a “ghost”.

Ghost photo "Brown Lady" fame. (Photo: FoxNews)
Ghost photo “Brown Lady” fame. (Photo: FoxNews)

For example, studies from the 1970s showed that electromagnetic fields extremely low frequency can stimulate certain parts of the brain and result in ghost stories.

“I met the case, the family moved to a house and in a special room, they become dizzy or headaches,” Auerbach said. “They’ve seen the dark comes out of the corner of their eyes.” Auerbach investigation and discovered the house is located just below the high-voltage lines – emit electromagnetic fields and low-frequency noise. “This frequency vibration makes your eyeballs up and you’ll see things like go out of her eyes.”

Noise at low frequencies, known as infrasound can also create feelings of fear and anxiety. Auerbach said: “Hollywood has known this since 1950. That’s why horror film music with the low-frequency sound.” In many cases, the phobia is due to many factors seem superhuman when combined.

For example, Infra sound and electromagnetic waves explain only some of the problems in the world under the high wire. “Not just a headache, the family said, they would smell like brimstone toxic. They also announced a voice of fire, burning the walls”. Further investigation, he found the house Auerbach adjacent to the landfill. Methane rising from the ground. “That’s what they were smelling and there are many indoor static electricity causing ignition of methane.” Where those who claim to have seen ghosts, but no psychological factors or emit energy, “ghost” is simply an optical illusion.

The most common is the light reflected through a window or other reflective surface. There is also the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia – trend explains a vague feeling is a familiar concept.

For example, seeing a person’s face on the moon, or find certain objects in the cloud or relative’s ghost in the darkness of the closet, Centuori Dante, at the Great Lakes Science Center, said he believes the ghost is always seen as a result of natural phenomena misunderstood. Even the phenomenon we can not explain, it is simply wrong to assign meaning to things and phenomena. “We are very easy to make mistakes observation and awareness,” said Centuori.

The devil as the imagination of Hollywood filmmakers
The devil as the imagination of Hollywood filmmakers

Conjuring usually scientific explanations for ghost sightings. In addition, there are psychological and according to some studies that electromagnetic waves affect the brain. But there are huge gaps in this topic because can also be a real ghost, not a hallucination.

As the investigation into the case to see ghosts, the researchers always pay attention to a phenomenon totally mysterious – the hoax. Auerbach said, maybe it was the joke of the members of the family or children. Sometimes pranks have other purposes and trying to mislead investigators.

Auerbach said: “I asked what people want from the investigation. If they want to sell the story to the filmmakers and earn more money, I will not participate.”

Even if all the elements of physics and psychology can not explain, the phenomenon is caused by demonic forces that we do not understand the cause. Robert Schoch, a professor of natural sciences at the University of Boston, USA have studied the relationship between brain waves and geomagnetic waves.

Professor Schoch cited the phenomenon of family members seeing “ghosts” of a distant relative at the time of his death. “Some people will think this is a coincidence,” Schoch said. “But has the statistical analysis of this phenomenon makes it no longer a coincidence.”

Ghost photo famous Gettysburg
Ghost photo famous Gettysburg

According to his theory Robert M. Schoch, that’s not ghosts at all. Instead, this phenomenon may be a kind of psychic awareness that we can not measure. Professor Schoch is studying whether the brain waves of a certain emotional state can be transferred between people in a long distance on the low-frequency wavelengths – similar to the wavelength detected in the geomagnetic field of the Earth or not? Professor Schoch said he still believes that exploring this phenomenon is valuable jobs.

“When you get rid of all the crap ghost stories, bogus (up 95%), there is something that seems to be true”.