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What does your Signature say about your Personality?

Every day, our personality is reflected in the little things of everyday life: the attitude with which we face different situations in life, what we consume and even what makes us laugh or cry. In each moment, we leave small traces that indicate how we are and what is our way of seeing the world around us.

One of the clearest examples in which this happens is with our signature: a unique and indistinguishable identification. A firm can reveal a lot about our personality, even hidden aspects that lie in the subconscious and are very difficult to recognize.

The practice of studying and analyzing what a stroke can say about ourselves is called ” graphology ” and these are some of the basic things that are used to reveal your personality. Are you ready?

Size Matters

If the letter of your signature is large, it is likely that you have a sociable personality and are comfortable being the center of attention or around many people. This can also be indicative of confidence and self-confidence.

On the contrary, the fine print can be linked to introversion and shyness. Not only that but in general lines it also reflects a great capacity for synthesis and concentration.

“All Together” or “Spaced Out”?

According to the Spanish Society of Graphology, spaces can be indicative of different things: from the way in which we organize our time, to reflect more accurately the most introverted or extroverted aspects of our personality.

It is likely that those people who write their signature with the letters together are more likely to surround themselves with people for fear of being left alone. Meanwhile, those who use the full width of the sheet may have a more positive notion of their personal space and need more time for themselves.

The cohesion of the letters (that is if they are all perfectly connected to each other) will indicate a predominantly logical reasoning. On the other hand, those who write separately will have a more intuitive mentality. The unions also represent the ability to relate: the more there is, the less difficulty that person will have in meeting new people.

Tilt, A Factor to Consider

The inclination of the firm can also represent our ambition and self-demand. A signature that leans up reflects someone who wants to grow and improve, while a downward inclination shows resignation, apathy, and fatigue.

You have to Take Care of the Forms, Always

If the letters that make up your signature are curves, it may mean that you have a greater care of the forms and the aesthetic. This does not mean that those who write with pointed letters are discourteous, but that they probably have a tendency in favor of energy, order, and discipline.

Capital Letters and Ornaments have a lot to say

The size of the initial capital letter is generally indicative of high self-esteem, while those that are smaller denote humility and respect for others. On the other hand, the rubrics with which we decorate our signatures can also be indicative of the way in which we relate to strangers.

If the signature has many adornments that make it partially illegible, it is a sign of authenticity and originality, while those that are enveloping reveal a search for protection and a certain distrust of the unknown. Finally, the underlining of the firm is a sign of security and determination.

The Pressure and Speed tells another Story

If the stroke is thick and marked, we will be a passionate person with a strong temperament. On the other hand, the light stroke indicates a lower susceptibility to stress and tension, the product of a more relaxed and sensitive personality.

Did you know what the signature of your personality says? Undoubtedly, one more way to know a fact that we do not always see on a day to day basis.