Take Care of Children in the Rainy Season

Rainfall season and monsoon brings great pleasure to the children, but diseases are also increasing in this season. In this weather, the health of the children is specially taken care of. In the rainy season, children are invited to all the diseases, in such a way, they do not become sick

Wash with clean water.

In the rainy season, most of the insects living in the ground come to the surface, which contaminate fruits, vegetables and foods. Therefore, before eating any fruits and vegetables, wash them with clean water and if necessary, potashium permanganate can be used to avoid the disease.

Drink boiled water

In the rain, water is also caused by infection, drink water boiled water to the children and drink it yourself too. Take special care on cleanliness to avoid mosquitoes and avoid dirt at home and use germs repellant liquid.

Avoid children from Wetting

Do not let the children get wet in the rain. If they get wet while returning from school then immediately take them off them. Keep in mind the cleanliness of children’s body too. Also keep their play space clean.

If there is a problem, consult a doctor, the children’s immune system is weak and diseases attack them quickly. So immediately after getting the symptoms of illness in children in this season, seek the doctor’s advice.Keep children away from dirt to protect them from diseases in the rain.

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