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10 Facts to know about Small Breasts

Because apparently having small breasts is good, we tell you a “true or false” on the received ideas that can be read on the web about it. En route for a short journey between myth and reality..!!

For years we had been labelled with “true truths” concerning small breasts, as if those who had a more luscious feel felt obliged to tell us the painfulness of the thing, as to make us accept our “sad fate. ” But since 2015, a new wind blows favour of the caps A and B!

The modest-sized breasts have become beautiful, sensual in the eyes of mens and we can finally be proud of what we have under the t-shirt. Gone are the “Wonderbra” and other “push-ups” stuffed, we decomplex, we stop dreaming of compensated tits and we break in 10 points the most prevalent prejudices on the subject!

1. “Small Breasts are more sensitive, Give more Pleasure in Relationships”

True. Being without a layer of fat, small breasts would give more pleasure to women. OK. It is to wonder what the people who say this are based on. Because for us it’s impossible to compare the notion of pleasure and erogenous zones depend on each individual. Also, we have not found any scientific studies that objectively prove the veracity of these remarks. We will go back…!!

2. “It’s easier to dress, you can button your shirt up”

True. But apart from being a women, who wants to completely button her shirt? Having small breasts does not oblige any woman to deprive a small cleavage!

3. “Your breast stays” normal “size during pregnancy and you do not fear stretch marks”

False. During pregnancy, small breasts flourish like all others. And Which says swelling says stretching (sometimes brutal) skin tissue. It may therefore happen that stretch marks develop during breastfeeding. Therefore They are not spared, alas.

4. “Breasts in washcloth do not concern you”

False. Hem. Well if. It is possible that after the pregnancy or with age, the fat giving volume to the breasts completely deserted the bust of the ladies. And the breasts become two small empty envelopes that dangle on the ribs. The more opulent breasts can catch up with good brassieres that will enhance the whole. While the others do not really have solutions, except accept or pass on the billiards.

5. “They make you look younger, you can lie to guys by telling them you be younger”

False. Oh good? For what reasons ? Are Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin younger than their age? As if wearing a bonnet would make you look like a kid. We thought that the age of people was generally determined by observing their face, their vitality, not what is under the clavicle.

6. “You attract serious men”

False. Having a small breast never vaccinated women against the infidelity of their husbands or frivolous men. It would be known.

7. “You have a better posture”

True and false. Indeed, not having heavy weights on the front of the bust is comfortable enough for women with small breasts and helps preserve the cervical and upper back. But again, this does not guarantee a life without back pain. We can therefore have kyphosis and small breasts.

8. “You can run, do sports without bra”

Wrong. It is also painful to prick a sprint without lingerie for the undeveloped breasts that for the others. Less embarrassing, certainly, but painful anyway.

9. “It is easier to detect a possible tumour, breast cancer”

True. It seems indeed that this is true since the grease layer is less important. A possible tumor is therefore more palpable. However, unfortunately this does not always prevent late detection of the disease.

10. “Summer is for you, you can wear all bikinis and swimsuits”

Fake. First, one could say the same thing about the strongest breasts. Second, there are models of bikinis and jerseys that should be avoided when you have nothing under the t-shirt, such as the bikini tops that crush even more our apple halves. The summer is made for well-fucked babes, that’s all, they have belly, a small pair of buttocks, big breasts or not.