Can Smoking Marijuana Cause your Sperm to Become Lazy?

Many investigations have arisen around marijuana, some studies have shown that the drug has health benefits and others have been against.

Recently a study argues that marijuana can affect male fertility by slowing sperm.

Marijuana and Fertility: Is there a Relationship?

It seems that smoking marijuana can reduce the sperm count to almost a third. And it is not the only study that states that marijuana use affects male fertility .

For clinical professor at the University of British Columbia, Victor Chow, marijuana affects not only the quantity but also the mobility of the sperm, thus affecting its function.

But according to Victor Chow , a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia, it’s not just the numbers that change. Marijuana also affects the mobility of sperm .

The research maintains that the drug makes them more lazy and also makes them swim in circles.

Affecting the Quality of Sperm

For experts, the occasional consumption of marijuana is unlikely to do much harm, but the quality of sperm itself is affected in regular users.

The experts argue that it has an immediate effect on male fertility because sperm cell is turning very fast.

A 2015 study conducted in Denmark, with the participation of more than a thousand young people, revealed that the consumption of regular marijuana is associated with a sperm concentration of 28% and a total sperm count of 29%.

There is little research on this, but what has been done seems to support the negative impact of the drug on fertility.

For experts in the field, studies are of interest given that marijuana is widely consumed worldwide and could be contributing to poor semen quality.

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