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This is Why you need to use Protection to see the Eclipse

When an eclipse is about to be visualized, experts recommend the use of visual protection. Why?

Because it can generate what the ophthalmologists name as eclipse blindness or burns in the retina caused by high and intense but invisible light.

Radiation manages to burn our eyes but the problem is that the retina does not have pain sensors and so we are not aware of what happens.

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The annoyance we feel when looking directly at the sun is by the contraction of the iris, the muscles contract to restrict the amount of light that reaches the retina making the pupil smaller. However, the pupil can not be shrunk enough to prevent blindness.

The glasses, our great allies

Looking directly at the sun is dangerous because of its extreme brightness but also because of infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

Infrared light is the type we feel like heat, and what causes the retinas to overheat and harm themselves. While ultraviolet light is what causes the burns.

Fortunately, eclipse damage can be easily and easily prevented with cardboard goggles specially designed to prevent damage, allowing you to look at the whole event without any impact or discomfort in the eyes.

These goggles were designed to block the dangerous infrared and ultraviolet light of the Sun. And they should be used at all times, even at the beginning of the eclipse when the Moon only blocks a portion of the sun, you can not look directly at it.

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It is important to wear glasses that are approved by the ISO standard and that when you use them you can not see anything but bright lights.

Although it is not a total eclipse, visual protection is very important. And be careful not to buy lenses that do not follow the rules to avoid serious consequences in the vision.

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So you know, it is better to use the proper protection to enjoy the eclipse than to cause great damage to your eyes.