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10 Things to Know How to Stay Happy Forever

Happiness is one of the emotions most of us desire throughout our lives. We seek advice, formulas, and alternatives of all other kinds to find the option that guarantees us to experience Happiness.

Being happy is not impossible to achieve. Sure, if you browse the Internet, you will find thousands of articles that give you many tips on how to achieve it. Although happiness depends on personal factors, it is good to know what the effects are in our lives. Unfortunately, these recommendations are to achieve passing happiness. Fortunately for all of us, neuroscientists discovered that we only need these 10 things to achieve it.

1. Name what you Feel

If you feel negative emotions, name them. This may seem pointless, but the brain responds much better when you express, what you feel with words. One study noted that by showing participants their images of people expressing their emotions, the amygdala was activated according to the emotions they observed. In contrast, when asked to name those negative emotions, the activity of the amygdala was reduced, which produced a minor negative impact.

2. Saying Thanks

When you say thanks, In The brain stem region will activate dopamine. Which makes social interactions to be very pleasant. In turn, gratitude can increase the production of serotonin hormone that drives depression away.

To know why you are grateful, you should only remember the good things that happened to you during the day and how well you felt at that moment. As emotional intelligence increases, the neurons in those areas become much more efficient.

3. Make Decisions

There is nothing worse than suffering anxiety by not making any kind of decision on time. What happens, if you do this, is that you will not find happiness and you will only get nerves and uncertainty to dominate your mind. Therefore, the best thing is that you learn to make decisions if you want to be happy.

This always includes creating intentions and establishing some objectives. Feeling out of control for not having made a decision in time can cause symptoms of concern. However, when you finally achieve it, you are likely to feel great relief and, if things go well, a lot of happiness!

4. Embrace those you love

It is proven that social interaction increases feelings of acceptance, which leads to great happiness. What happens is that oxytocin, known as the “love hormone”, acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and is released by touch. It is even a very good antidote against depression.

5. Improve Performance

According to studies, people who are optimistic have better performance at work than those who are pessimistic. Incredible, right?

6. Increase Problem Solving Capacity

Interesting findings have been found in children. In fact, it has been concluded that happy children tend to have more successful results in math tests.

7. Protect your Heart

People who are happy have less pressure in the blood, which also guarantees a healthier and stronger heart.

8. Strengthens the Immune System

The bad mood, although it seems incredible, has links with the relapse of diseases like the cold. The reason? The immune system is more delicate when we are in this state of mind. This does not happen if you are a happy person since you feel revitalized and energized. Happiness, apparently, works at the cellular level, so it will be very difficult for you to get sick.

9. Fight Stress

Happiness is not so difficult to achieve. You just have to follow these four tips and you will see that it will be easy for you to reach it soon.
Stress is a psychological and emotional state that makes us prone to any type of physical condition. Happiness, therefore, helps us feel more relaxed and relaxed in complex situations.

10. Help with Longevity

The secret of eternal youth does not consist of applying expensive creams or taking exotic remedies. It seems to have to do with feeling happy. Emotions related to happiness, such as joy and well-being, help longevity.

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