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Stephen Hawking: ‘Humans must leave Earth within the century’

Physicist Stephen Hawking is described as “Donald Trump of Science” when he warns people to need to leave Earth in the next 100 years if they wish to survive.

Doctor of physics, mathematics, and astronomy Michael Guillen rejects the theory of catastrophe that the physicist Stephen Hawking made the basis for a recent warning about humanity leaving Earth in the next 100 years, according to physicist Stephen Hawking.

Guillen called this view “completely unscientific” and ” inaccurate “ claiming Hawking as “Donald Trump of Science for saying the myths just to cheer and attract attention.”

Hawking’s astrophysicist on the BBC’s Expedition New Earth documentary broadcast on BBC Two earlier this month asserted that humans have only 100 years to live on Earth and need to leave the planet if they are to survive the disaster. Climate change, asteroids, epidemics, and over-population.

Guillen thinks that Hawking’s view reflects the thought of wanting to flee Earth, rather than trying to improve the situation, after humans destroy the green planet with the help of technology. According to him, if humanity continues to keep this thinking, those planets that can support life sooner or later will be destroyed by humanity.

“Assuming the Earth is dead and we’re going to have to find a place to hide quickly,” Guillen summarizes Hawking’s plan to leave Earth. “Well, there are so many planets to destroy in so little time,” he continued.

According to Guillen, the plan to leave Earth to save Hawking’s humanity is to stimulate space travel and benefit billionaires like Elon Musk.

Guillen argues that robbing and polluting other planets, an inevitable process, can not lead to the betterment of mankind. Severe conditions on Mars, temperatures – 60 degrees Celsius in winter and about 20 degrees Celsius in summer, are unsuitable for human habitation.

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