Strange Rotating Ice Discs between the River in the US

Perfect circle rotating tapes between rivers flowing through the heart of Washington, USA that local residents very surprised.

According IFL Science, strange phenomenon occurred earlier this week in Snoqualmie River, near North Bend, Washington. Many argue that this is a product created by man, but in fact, the tape drive completely derived from natural phenomena.

Ice circle phenomenon scientists who made to “headache” for a century. Recently, a group of physicists has finally solved the secret of why this format tape drive can spin.

Strange Rotating Ice Discs between the River in the US

Strange Rotating Ice Discs between the River in the US

The researchers initially said that the tape drive appears thanks to the whirlpool in the river. But some tape recorded discs with a diameter greater than 16 meters. Data on the computer indicates whirlpool spinning disks can not do such a big band.

In a study published last year in the journal Physical Review E, the scientists from the University of Liege (Belgium), have used magnets to simulate conditions in the freezing river.

Using the laboratory dish, they found the ice sheet began to spin even if no whirlpool. When the researchers increased the temperature of the water, the ice slowly melting plate and continue to rotate faster.

Allen Schlag, hydrologist at the National Weather Agency in Bismarck and Greg Gust, meteorologist in Grand Forks said, the combination of cold air swept through regional specialties and whirlpool on the river can also be causes of tape drive.

This strange phenomenon occurs in the Arctic, Scandinavia and Canada.

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