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Telegram: Did you know that you can use the application without displaying a phone number?

Telegram is one of the few mobile instant messaging applications that have this particular function.

The Telegram application is one of the favorite applications for instant messaging users. And unlike many applications for cell phones, this application has a particularity that sets it apart from the rest, since it allows users to use its functions without having a cell phone number.

Use Telegram without a number to display

This function includes one of the two main advantages that Telegram has over its competitor WhatsApp, the application also allows you to have an extra layer of privacy since it is not necessary to give a lot of personal data.

The function to use Telegram without a number is a great option for those who want to use Telegram on all kinds of devices regardless of whether their phone needs to be added to the contacts, as its competitor WhatsApp does.

Telegram is available for all kinds of devices including desktops, customers who choose this as their way of using the app will need to have their phone nearby just for login.

Customize the username ‘alias’

The app also allows the user to customize their display name or alias, and it is enough to search for the username so that another can find you in the app.

Telegram’s contact list can also be filled only with usernames instead of mobile phones, and even if the user is the victim of a robbery, by knowing the alias of the person with whom he chats, he can easily recover his contact.

To set an alias you must go to the configuration menu and once inside click on the alias option, this option is found in the account section. If you already have an alias in Telegram, you can edit it.

Telegram aliases allow you to write letters from A to Z, underscores, and numbers from zero to one.

To take care of the privacy of its users, Telegram also offers the possibility of hiding the phone number, this option is also available in the settings tab, in the privacy and security section, there the phone number option appears and they are personalized visibility options: everyone, my contacts or nobody.

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