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The Culprit is Sleeping Disorder Caused by Smartphones

The more we often use smart phones at night, the risk of sleep disorders is increasing, long gradually will affect health, according to Business Insider.

Most smart phones, tablets, laptops come with screens emit blue light, help clear and brighter images, especially when using sunlight outdoors. At night, their screen brightness equivalent to daylight peeking through a small window.

The human body works according to natural cycles, keeps them awake during the day and sleep at night needed. If we look at the screen of the device above while preparing to go to bed, the green light will cause confusion as the brain is seen in the morning sunrise. Brain to stop producing melatonin, the hormone plays a role in helping the body to sleep.

To counter this problem, a number of designers to create mobile applications that can adjust the light at night, to reduce the blue light emitted from the phone screen, increasing the amount of light committed support to help users more eye strain.

For a restful sleep at night, we should be looking at the screen limitations smartphone before bedtime to produce melatonin brain normally, using the easiest way is to phone from the bed.