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The Horrible World’s most Oldest Condom

The Romans used the intestines enemies as condoms, the first to use a condom in the presence of thousands of people would you astonished to know the truth about this particular item.

The Horrible World's most Oldest Condom
The Horrible World’s most Oldest Condom

The word “condom” comes from?

From condoms birth derived from a Latin word is “condus”, which means “pot” or “box”.

Does the Romans had to be the first to use a condom?

The earliest documents recording the use of condoms belongs to Egypt, about 1,000 years ago. In a study of the paintings of ancient Egypt, around 900 BC, people have seen the pictures depicting the use of condoms. It also found the paintings depict the use of condoms in Europe at this time. The Japanese have also been noted to have used a condom, but the new Egypt was the first use of condoms in the world.

Ancient condoms made from what material?

Condoms were first recorded in leather, no lubricant attached. Many historians believe that at least this time must also have a lubricant, such as tallow or a substance that makes the skin becomes smoother, facilitate the process of penile penetration. Unfortunately so far we have not found any record that mentions a lubricant used for this skin.

The Romans also used a condom, and they used the enemy’s gut as the material to create a condom.

Some other materials used to make condoms as animal gut (intestines of sheep, goats and other species).

Chinese people like to use bubble fish. Japanese people used seaweed, soft paper  lined block.

How to make condoms of animal gut

The ancients took sheep intestines soaked in water for several hours and then upside down, soaked in dilute alkali, every 12 hours to soak upside down again. Then take a razor out mucus and fat, drying up the sulfur fumes. Followed by washing with soap and water, then dried hyped up and then cut into pieces of suitable length to the penis and then grabbed an early sewing. Before each use are carried away soaked until soft. This type of condom is quite expensive, but can be used multiple times.

The first character to use a condom in front of thousands of people

Although the Egyptians, Europe and Japan is known to be the first people to use condoms, but we have no information who was the first to use them.

The first to be recognized as use of condoms does not come from these countries. Gabrielle, an Italian, is recognized as the first to use a condom, before thousands of spectators, to prove condoms are very effective in the fight against the most dangerous diseases in Italy in the 15th century – syphilis. Condoms that he uses are made of linen.

With the proven effects, until the 17th century condoms were widely sold in stores.

The Revolution of condoms

18th century, a turning point in the use of materials manufactured condoms took place. Instead of using the materials such as linen, it was known that the rubber used to make bags. Rubber was chosen because it has good elasticity and ability to hold the semen better, not to fall into the vagina mates condoms as before.

In the 1930s, a new material to be found to replace the production of rubber condoms, which is latex. Rubber latex better in efficiency and reliability. This material is still used until now.