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6 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing before turns 30

When I turned 20 I felt that I was in adulthood, that everything I had built in my teens was enough and that I was capable of anything, but I did not realize how wrong I was until now..!!

Throughout life we are all told about the importance of growing up, entering the adult world and making our own life. They make us believe that when we reach the two decades we will be adults, but they do not tell us that reality is far from that.

Reaching 20 is just the beginning of one of the steepest climbs in life, I think the 20 years are an extension of adolescence with more responsibilities and fewer certainties.

To live this challenging stage more fully, and as empowered and independent women, we must set certain limits:

1. Make it clear that you are not the last option

This goes for your friends, your family, and your crush. They can not do and undo the plans with you when they feel like it. And is that when you allow your friends have you as a rescue plan, they end up canceling the plans or they leave you planted because they know that you are too benevolent.

Define your place and make it clear that you are important too if you do not do it, no one will.

2. Spontaneity is fun and communication, necessary

Trying out new bedtime experiences with your partner can be fun, but there are certain topics that you should discuss beforehand. If there is something you do not like, say so.

3. Your work is sacred

The professional plan is always important, so we must take care of it and respect it. Do not let anyone disparage your intelligence or denigrate you as a professional. Commit to your growth, but always on good terms. Never resign yourself to pressure or abuse.

4. Reconsider your friend’s list

We all have friends who just call when they have no plans with their partner or need a favor. Those who want to accompany you should know that a human relationship takes time and dedication. If they are not willing to invest them with you, you’d better go out the door they came in. “

5. Cut toxic bonds

Sure has happened to you: there are people who make life seem much heavier and darker. You try to help them with a breath of hope, but nothing seems to be enough. My advice? Do not take responsibility for your attitude, or allow your bad energy to discourage you.

6. Free yourself from opinions

Good advice from a friend is always welcome, but try not to become the slave of anyone’s opinion. Do not expect constant approval, because you will cease to live your life.

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