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7 Tips for People Who Want to Think Less and Live Longer

After a long day of work, we finally lie down in our bed waiting for that fatigue to take us to the world of dreams. It seems like a surefire plan until our brain decides it’s a good idea to think about what happened to us in preschool or why we were not invited to the Saturday party. From there everything is going downhill.

This is just the beginning. Thinking too much about things is really strenuous, it does not help us at all and, to make matters worse, it prevents us from living fully.

If you feel that you are in this group, these tips are for you.

1. Look at Things from a Broader Perspective

It is very easy to fall into the trap of sinking into a thread of endless thoughts, but we can try to see events from a broader perspective. You may wonder: will it make sense to think about this now? Or is it worth the same in a month or even a week? By doing this, we will stop wasting energy.

2. Set Time Limits on your Decisions

Facing the need to make a decision can be incredibly difficult. Therefore, it sets limits. How? For example, for simple situations, 30 seconds is enough to give a response, but if it is more complex, take 30 minutes at the most. This only seeks to cut with an unproductive behavior.

3. Go to Action

Get used to doing what you usually think and, of course, set time limits to execute what you want. Start with small things, so you can process everything with ease and at your pace. You will see that later you will feel more confident and you will want to take risks.

4. We can not Control Everything

One of the reasons we think things over is that we deeply want to have control of everything. Well, we have news: that is impossible. The moment we become aware of it, we will feel more relaxed and more enthusiastic to live the present.

5. Do not Get Lost in the Fears

By over-analyzing everything we also fall into the error of recreating negative and fatalistic scenarios of all kinds. That is, we create a storm when nothing has happened. Therefore, before this symptom ask yourself: what is the worst that can happen? By doing this, we achieve clarity and more important, tranquility.

6. Exercise

It has been confirmed that practicing some sport or physical activity increases the generation of serotonin, the hormone that makes us feel good and with spirits. You do not have to become an athlete. However, spending at least 30 minutes of exercise will make you feel less stressed and even more energetic.

7. Try to live the present

Yes, it seems very simple, but it is possible to achieve if we let our fears of the past or the future stay there and we decided that it is better to enjoy the present. What is happening right now can also be exciting and worth living.

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