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Top 10 Countries with Highest Technology in the World

Weapon is military equipment used to protect themselves from the enemies. Most advanced weapons in the world are being developed by the best military technology countries in the world. In the ancient ages, swords and shields were the most advanced weapon technology. Swords were made of iron and steel. High quality metals were melted to make the perfect swords. But as time passed, nations reached to the age of Information technology. Fighter jets, submarines and missiles technologies are being introduced with nuclear weapon systems. These weapons have high destruction rate to defeat the enemies. Arm manufacturing industries have wide business. That business became the most beneficial due to technological work in development. Making submarines needs unique equipment’s which are expensive to develop or purchase. Future technology can be more alarming for the humanity which can destroy the whole world on single press of button. As now atomic power countries can destroy mega cities in a single nuclear blast. List of world’s most advanced weapon technology countries is described in this section of website.

Most expensive weapons in the world

  • Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
  • Arleigh Burke DDG 51 Destroyer
  • American Submarines
  • Aircraft Carries

Advancements in the technology lead to the perfect life-cycle. In that race, arm industry remains most demanding for advanced weapons. Moving toward best military technology to protect their natives from the outside invasions can be acceptable. But on the name of defense, countries are spreading violence in other nations to capture their resources. Super powers are ruling the world by threatening the other nations. World Wars were based on becoming the super power to control the world in their hands.


Rank Country Name Index
1  United States of America  89.8
2  Russia  84.3
3  China  82.5
4  Germany  79.1
5  United Kingdom  78.5
6  France  78.2
7  Turkey  77.9
8  Japan  76.6
9  India  76.3
10  South Korea  75.8

Q: Which country has the most advanced technology weapons in the world?

United States of America has the most advanced weapons in the world. Arm industries are manufacturing high class equipment. F-35 Lightning II is the most expensive weapon in the world. It costs more than 300 USD to build that single Fighter Jet. These have sensor technology to destroy the enemies in fastest speed that we can not even imagine. To develop these technological jets, United States offers high budgets to militant industries and companies.

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