What Are The Different Types Of Facelift?

Keep in mind that facelift surgery is one that has a lot of focus on it, with people having no clue on how you should determine the right option available. Several cosmetic types of facelifts are available. The most common is one that prevents sagging and uplifts the muscles throughout the face.

However, several styles of facelifts are also available, which help to correct specific areas on the neck and face. Usually, some of this information may overlap, but through this article, you will receive full information on the best type of facelift that you should consider. Of course, you need to discuss all your options with a board-certified surgeon when it comes to a facelift in Atlanta, who can guide you well on the procedure.

Traditional Facelift

When you have a traditional facelift, you can always expect your facelift surgeon to correct all your aging dilemmas, restore the youthful appearance, and rested look of your skin, and this could result in the best-uplifted contours, the improved tone in the skin and the underlying muscle. Usually, facelift incisions start at the hairline and they end behind the ear. Often, this allows access for the removal of fat, reduces sagging skin, and tightens the underlying tissue muscle. In some cases, a second incision under the chin will be necessary. If the patient’s skin tone is good, shorter incisions will help if you want to correct fat in the mid-face or neck.

The traditional facelift also included liposuction techniques that assist when it comes to fat removal. Bruising and swelling after the Crispin Plastic Surgery procedure usually subsides within two to four weeks. The results are often apparent in about one to two months.

SMAS Facelifts

The most common type of facelift now available is the SMAS facelift. This term stands for “Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System.” In simple terms, the SMAS essentially is your face’s network of tissues and muscles. With over about 98 muscles in the face, the SMAS will allow you to smile better, frown and even show a wider range of movements and expressions. The SMAS facelift procedures help to lift the facial muscles in an out and up manner.

Deep Plane Facelifts

When talking about the facelift family, deep plane facelifts are relatively new. The cosmetic surgeon can operate deeply in this procedure compared to other cosmetic procedures (in facelift). Deep plane facelifts are a lot more similar to the SMAS facelifts, yet they are more invasive and they distribute tension between the layers of the facial tissues, including the facial bones.

S Lifts

These improve the lower areas of the face by simply making up incisions in the front of the patient’s ear to pull laterally. People who receive the S-lift successfully also experience a smoother neck, jowls, and jawline, but they will not see any changes in the upper or two-thirds of their face.

Neck lifts

Usually, surgeons perform plastyma or neck lifts at the same time as a facelift in Atlanta, if the patient desires this operation. A neck lift surgery tightens smoothes and lifts the excess fat or skin of the patient’s neck, providing a much younger appearance to the neck along with the tightened face after the facelift. There are some patients who do not need facelifts and feel they have syndrome (turkey neck syndrome), and they elect to have this procedure independent of a facelift cosmetic surgery.

Mid Facelifts

These also go by with the name mini facelifts or mini lifts. The surgical procedure takes place under general anesthesia and it concentrates on the middle part of your face, and around the cheekbones. In general, these options under facelifts are cheap when you compare it to the full facelifts and have a shorter time of recovery and operation.

Usually, this facelift type assists you in correcting the nasolabial folds. There is usually a type of a mini facelift with different suture suspensions, where surgeons anchor the suture ends into the underlying muscle. The ends anchor with non-dissolving threads that reach the very top of the head. However, it is important to note that this facelift type is unethical.

Facial Implants

The facial implants option today is available for patients who wish to add some more oomph to their face or their appearance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “when done right, facial implants help improve the balance and proportion of your face. They make a great difference! Note that a slightly higher or stronger chin/cheekbone can transform a pretty lady into a classic beauty.”

Temporal Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

The brow lift or forehead lift minimizes wrinkles that a patient possesses in the top third of the head or face, from the hairline to the eyebrows. A browlift surgical procedure often requires incisions like an ear-to-ear one at the hair top. Due to this, the brow lift procedure is a suitable one for all those who have enough hair to cover the incisions. If not, they may require an endoscopic approach, which is also ideal for all those who have thinning or bald hair.

These are just a few of the options available when it comes to a facelift. For more options, you can always consult your surgeons; make sure they are board certified surgeons with years of experience.

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