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UFO: 13 Million Secret Documents about the CIA’s UFO

Investigate unidentified flying object, intelligence tools, invisible ink, or the study of supernatural powers are fascinating information among 930 top-secret documents with more than 12 million pages that central intelligence department Central America (CIA) has declassified and published online recently. We will for the first time in the history of access to the information before, countless rumors, suspicion or even mention conspiracy theories and thereby will provide a view of perception CIA for this world. All the documents have been published online and the CIA also released quite a search engine so that we can easily access to those records. Called CREST, the toolkit will provide confidential documents before which is stored in the computer department strictly protected in national archives in Maryland United States … Although there is not too much information shocking news from the documents recently announced but for the CIA, this is a no small effort to scan, upload and release the documents mentioned above. Below are some noteworthy information from the database newly declassified CIA. There are lots of cool stuff, you do want to explore more, you can order on the path Last post offline. Be happy.

Invisible inks from Germany. This is a major item in the database, dubbed the “mystery-writing”. Although listening to the word “mystery” seems serious, but in fact, this is the study of an invisible inks and special techniques used to read the texts in this type of ink. More interesting, we also use the same way to make the invisible secret photos. Of course, this technology is not too sophisticated for the scientific and technical qualifications at present but in the past, it was the special problems for the industry spies.

Reporting on the Berlin tunnel project What you like to learn about history, especially the wartime intelligence will be no stranger to daring projects by CIA cold war, dig a 400-meter long tunnel into East Berlin to eavesdrop on a large scale . In fact, this project was declassified in 2007, it tells the story of the CIA collaborated with British secret service agency SIS for tunneling into the area occupied by the Soviet Union in Berlin, once on line phone to eavesdrop on news from the army headquarters. To the CIA is proud that bamboozled the Soviets during the 2 years that they did not know. But also controversial incident when the Soviet counterintelligence, said that they provided information about the CIA plan and design play similar design achievements.

Information on detention and interrogation In the secret documents also included information on the detention and interrogation of CIA, including reports from 2000. In it there are many facts about verification measures, detention of CIA before … Stargate research project superpowers Interesting point about the newly declassified documents is the research profile using superpowers that the CIA has conducted in the 1990s in which also mentioned that this organization wants to apply the superpowers that into the army. Including research on remote viewing measures, see through the steel and works to carry out mapping, road map.

Imaging and analysis of unidentified flying object This is probably one of the ones that people most often rumored, not just the US and also worldwide. Previously I still hear people conspiracy theories that the United States has found a planet outside the image, captured, experiment and communicate with them secretly. However, in reality, it just stop at the photos were supposed UFO. Of course the mystery that continues to be a mystery because it is said that this is only the selected records are CIA announced, and maybe others, to do … Imagine!

Few Photos from the CIA’s secret documents


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